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The Mission for Migrant Workers (MFMW Limited) supports migrant workers in crisis and empower them to regain dignity. Established in 1981, MFMW is the longest existing independent service provider for migrant workers in Hong Kong and Asia.

MFMW’s direct services include provision of information and guidance, case support, shelter assistance and provision, as well as other rescue and emergency assistance to distressed migrant domestic workers. Apart from direct services, we provide training and education to the migrant community to make sure they are aware of their rights, as well as provided with opportunities to develop their work and life skills while they are working in Hong Kong.

Support Us: HK$100 will feed and shelter one unemployed worker for one day. HK$300 will provide one worker with Life and Work Skills Training. HK$500 will support a day's work for a migrant care centre and outreach on Sundays to 350 workers. HK$1000 will support a migrant domestic worker to pursue cases of justice.

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