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Founded by Jill Robinson MBE in 1998, Animals Asia Foundation is devoted to the welfare of wild and domesticated animals in Asia. We also work towards the conservation of endangered species. Animals Asia is an Asian-focused government-registered organisation with headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Australia, China, Germany, Italy, the UK, USA and Vietnam, as well as Moon Bear Rescue Centres in China and Vietnam. We have around 300 staff worldwide.

Under our Cat and Dog Welfare programme, our campaigns include Animal Therapy (our pioneering Dr Dog and Professor Paws programmes). More than 100 registered therapy dogs and their guardians volunteer in Hong Kong alone, spreading their special brand of comfort and love to those in need in hospitals, orphanages, schools and centres for the disabled. We feel these dogs are the perfect ambassadors for their species (as well as for cats) and hope that eventually people will grow to love all animals through their love of these companion animals. Our two other flagship programmes are End Bear Bile Farming and Zoos and Safari Parks.

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