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We believe that every child deserves a fair start in life. PathFinders ensures the most vulnerable babies born in Hong Kong, and their Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW) mothers, are respected and protected.

Realising a gap in Hong Kong society where women and babies go undocumented and unprotected, PathFinders was founded on the belief that no child should be born alone and deprived of medical support, shelter and identity. Having served more than 9,200 babies, children and women, PathFinders is a respected charity committed to supporting the welfare of children by providing child protection, counselling, shelter, food, health, education and legal support.

Hong Kong currently employs 390,000 FDWs, with the number forecast to rise to 600,000 to help us care for our rapidly aging population. Many FDWs are women of child bearing age who lack reproductive health knowledge. PathFinders therefore adopts an educational and preventative approach towards ensuring every pregnancy is considered and planned to enable a clear and stable path for the child's future. We take part in public consultations and make submissions to the United Nations and HKSAR Legislative Council with the desire to bring about institutional change to policies and practices that either actively exclude or omit to protect babies and their FDW mothers in Hong Kong.

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