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Enrich is a local Hong Kong charity whose mission is to empower migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong through financial education and personal development programmes. Our workshops equip migrant domestic workers with the tools to save, budget and plan for a future with greater financial security while they are here in Hong Kong. Our programmes are interactive and run on weekends and public holidays, in native languages of domestic workers (including Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia), equipping them with skills, knowledge and confidence to escape debt, plan for their future and achieve their goals.

Our core programmes are Financial Education, Empowerment Education and One-to-one support. Since 2007, we have reached over 40,000 migrant domestic workers through financial and empowerment workshops and outreach activities. We were also proud to be awarded, for the second consecutive year, the Financial Education Champion Award 2020 by the Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC).


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