Hong Kong Shark Foundation - promoting shark conservation

Another day, another charity visit as part of the Charitable Choice outreach to beneficiary partners. This time I met with Andrea Richey of Hong Kong Shark Foundation for a tour around Sai Ying Pun, the hub of shark fin trading.

What I learned -
  • Every year 100 million are killed globally. 33% of sharks are near extinction.
  • Over 50% of global shark fins are traded through Hong Kong. 3000 restaurants in Hong Kong serve sharks fin soup.
  • The "fish" served as fish and chips is very often shark (sold under the names flake, rock salmon, lemon fish).
  • Many of these shark products are from endangered shark species but without DNA tests it is difficult to prove and prosecute.

What the charity does -

Conduct educational activities and school workshops to create awareness about shark conservation and to reduce consumption of sharks fin soup and other shark products in Hong Kong.

What they need now -

  1. For more people to say no to sharks fin soup
  2. Ask what fish you are being served when you order fish and chips
  3. Say no to skincare containing squalene i.e. shark liver oil - (not squalANE a plant derivative)
  4. Young activist fundraisers to support their work - great fit for high schoolers studying the IB curriculum
  5. Donors to support their educational workshops

Help save the sharks by supporting Hong Kong Shark Foundation today.