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    We are a charity that helps turn small donations into big impact. #FindYourCause from our list of charity beneficiaries that help Hong Kong.

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    A charity giving platform that makes donating to charity simple, fun and interactive.

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    Set up a fundraising campaign, donate to many charities in one transaction, or gift someone else a donation and let them choose the charities to support.

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    Because we care! Hong Kong is our home and we’re in it 100%.

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    Charitable Choice was registered as a charity in Hong Kong in 2010 (IRD 91/11221). All donations are tax deductible.

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Our mission is to provide unique, interactive and fun ways to encourage charitable giving and to demonstrate that small donations make a big impact on pressing social needs in Hong Kong. In order to achieve sustainability, donations facilitated via Charitable Choice incur a small administration fee, agreed and approved by all our charity beneficiaries. This is what makes the Charitable Choice website possible!


Charitable Choice has vetted 40+ charities that are making a positive impact in Hong Kong, making it easy for you to #FindYourCause. Charitable Choice communicates with, and visits, each of our charity partners to ensure they are providing bona fide services to benefit the community. We welcome nominations of new charity beneficiaries and a review of charity partners is conducted annually.


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In addition to encouraging charitable giving, Charitable Choice operates a direct-to-beneficiaries programme that helps under-served students advance the last mile between having an education and having a job. For more information about our Making Good Choices Career Preparation Programme click here. Interested students may apply here.

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Did you know?

Fact poverty


Hong Kong people live in poverty
Out of a population of 7 million Hong Kong residents, approximately 14.3% of the population live in poverty.
Source: Commission on Poverty
Fact food

3,600 tonnes

Food wasted daily
Yet 300,000 Hong Kong children do not get 3 meals a day.
Source: Food Angel