Charitable Choice Awards 2023

Despite prevailing challenges Hong Kong-ers continued to put their best charitable foot forward, raising much needed funds in difficult times to help the most vulnerable in our community. 

We are proud and pleased to announce the winners of the Charitable Choice Awards 2023 in the following categories:

Corporate Fundraiser
The inaugural Hong Kong Legal Walk rallied the local legal community and raised $1,033,100 in support of four charities – HELP Limited, Hong Kong Cancer Fund, Association for the Relief of Industrial Accident Victims and Changing Young Lives Foundation.

Corporate Donor
Ashford Benjamin, in support of Legal Walk, made the single largest corporate donation via Charitable Choice this year.

Corporate Gift Card Donor
HKCEC (Management) Limited channelled some of their marketing budget to local charities, through purchases of charity gift cards as birthday gifts for loyal customers, empowering them with the choice of charities to support.

Individual Fundraiser
Jack Boardman raised $109,637 by walking 1000km around Hong Kong during the pandemic in support of three local charities – Habitat for Humanity, Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre, Society for the Relief of Disabled Children.

Charity Hero
Julian Wan – who is only 7 years old proves that philanthropy can start young by raising $9,400 to support food rescue and redistribution efforts.

Top Charity
HELP Limited received $301,159 through Charitable Choice to support their ongoing efforts to help migrant domestic workers receive justice and fair treatment.

Our deepest thanks to all of our winners for making charitable choices in support of Hong Kong!

Note: Please note that data for the awards has been taken from the calendar year 2022.

Top Fundraiser (Corporate) - Hong Kong Legal Walk

Top Corporate Gift Card Donor - HKCEC (Management) Limited

Top Fundraiser (Individual) - Jack Boardman

Top Charity Hero - Julian Wan

Top Charity - HELP for Domestic Workers