The Nesbitt Centre - empowering SEN adults to lead purposeful lives


Thank you Surinder Punjya for hosting me for a delightful lunch at The Nesbitt Centre's Museum Cafe 8 in Central. What a wonderful job the Nesbitt Centre does to advocate and empower for Special Education Needs (SEN) adults in Hong Kong.

What I learned

  • Established 30 years ago, The Nesbitt Centre empowers English speaking adults with learning disabilities by teaching life and vocational skills
  • The Nesbitt Centre operates 4 social enterprises with 2 new outlets coming on board soon at Tsing Yi and Exchange Square
  • Their SEN staff are so reliable that their turnover and sick leave rates have been almost zero for the past 11 years
  • Nest@St John's Cathedral in Central is their busiest outlet

What they do
  • Provide a day centre at Sai Ying Pun for approximately 45 learners
  • Run a 6 module Preparation for Life program based on self advocacy and independence catered to the needs of each individual learner
  • Provides vocational employment opportunities at their bakery and cafes around Hong Kong
  • Encourage ongoing learning of business and English skills to improve employment and promotion prospects

What they need
  • More customers at all their outlets - go for coffee, snacks, meals or hire Museum Cafe 8 for your next party!
  • $80,000 to roll out new coffee carts in office buildings around HK
  • $50,000 for a new coffee machine & grinder
  • 100 sq ft of space in office lobbies to set up more coffee carts (and create more employment opportunities for their learners)

Think of Nest and Museum Cafe 8 for you next coffee fix or event! If you can help with their coffee cart expansion programme, get in touch with Surinder or me for more information. You may also make a donation here.