Mind HK - achieving the best mental health for all

This week I visited Mind HK, the only charity in the list of Charitable Choice beneficiaries that focuses solely on mental health. Thank you to Charlotte Tottenham and Melissa Kong for welcoming me to the Mind HK office.

What I learned -

  • 1 in 7 Hong Kongers suffer from a common mental disorder.
  • The Mind HK website is full of helpful resources in both English and Chinese and receives over 50,000 views a month.

What the charity does - conduct outreach activities to create awareness about mental health, provide a range of training programmes to improve mental health literacy.

What they need now -

  1. Funding to support the redevelopment their website
  2. Funding to support Mental Health research projects
  3. More Wellbeing Practitioners - consider signing up for their iAct Wellbeing Practitioner Training Programme

Does mental health awareness resonate with your personal or CSR goal? If so, consider supporting Mind HK.