Little Life Warrior Society - giving hope to childhood cancer patients

Thanks Wincy Chan and Angi Ho for hosting me at the office of Little Life Warrior Society recently. What a privilege it was to meet the team, see their tutorial classes in action and learn about how the charity supports families affected by childhood cancer in Hong Kong.

What I learned

  • The recovery rate among children with cancer may be as high as 90% if detected and treated early.
  • Cancer medicines are costly so low income families need financial support.
  • Each year, LLWS welcomes approximately 110 children suffering from cancer, severe blood diseases or having undergone bone marrow transplants. The Society currently has 4000 members.

What they do

  • Located 15 minute walk from HK Children's Hospital, LLWS provides free services to cancer patients and their families such as social worker consultations, tutorial and enrichment classes, music therapy, family support groups and workshops.
  • The team visits the HK Children's Hospital regularly to provide on-site support to children undergoing treatment.
  • LLWS also provides transport, meal and medication subsidies to low income families.

What they need

  • Funding to expand music therapy to day care chemotherapy ward - approx. $100K
  • Sponsors for:
    • Outstanding Little Life Warrior Award - approx. $60K
    • Medicine subsidies for one child for 6 months - $18K each
    • Transport & meal subsides - approx. $1500 per month per patient

Can you help support low income families affected by childhood cancer in Hong Kong? If so, please contact me for more information or donate to Little Life Warrior Society here. The little warriors need your help!