Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden - conserving Hong Kong's flora and fauna

My Charitable Choice partner visit to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden was one of the highlights this year. Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden spreads over 148 hectares on the slopes of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong's highest mountain. It was established as a public-private partnership with Kadoorie Foundation providing 80% of annual funding and the remainder funded by donations from the public, corporates and some project-related government grants. Thank you Maria Lai and the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden team for hosting me!

What I learned

  • Spring is baby bird season and KFBG has received dozens of abandoned baby birds each day recently. (If you encounter a baby bird that has fallen out of a nest, do not touch it for at least 15 minutes to allow time for its parents to fly down to collect it)
  • Wild boars captured in other areas of HK are often released into the hills of KFBG. Wild boars are the top of the food chain except for their main predator - pythons.
  • KFBG is celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Wild Animal Rescue Centre this month having rescued over 70,000 animals!

What they do

  • The Rescue Centre receives approx. 4000 native animals each year - 65% are birds and reptiles
  • KFBG cares for illegally traded wildlife confiscated by authorities e.g. they recently received 200+ exotic turtles; these cannot be released into the HK ecosystem as they pose a biological risk.
  • Produce their own tea, coffee, fruit, vegetables and eggs - all for sale at their farm shop.

What they need

  • Sponsors for new vet hospital equipment
  • More members to support their work - from $200 per year (unlimited visits) or make a one-off donation
  • More corporate volunteers & team building days at KFBG - flora weeding, mulching, plant trees, clean animal habitats, prepare feed & food syringes for rescued birds. You won't find experiences like these anywhere else in HK!
  • Students to form teams and join their treasure hunt & nature walk 6-8 December

Support the work of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden and conserve Hong Kong's flora and fauna! Get in touch with me or make a donation here.