Feeding Hong Kong - reducing food waste and feeding charities

The latest charity update I have is from FeedingHK. This time Fanny Lee, Community Engagement Director came to visit the Charitable Choice office at Wong Chuk Hang - our first visitor!

What I learned
  • The charity rescues approx. 65 tonnes of food per MONTH (!!)
  • Their distribution goes to approximately 60% seniors and 40% low income families
  • HK government will introduce a waste charge in early 2024 that will hopefully reduce food wastage and/or encourage more surplus donations to charities such as FeedingHK

What the charity does
Collects surplus food, sorts and stores it, and then redistributes it to a network of welfare organisations across Hong Kong.

What the charity needs now

  • Volunteers - to collect, sort donated food items. Weekdays 2-3 hours. Families and students welcome.
  • Festive Food drive - donate $150 to fund a "Santa Sack" for distribution this Christmas
  • Supermarket/food coupon donations - beneficiaries love to choose their own food (dont' we all?)

If you can help FeedingHK, please get in touch. Tonnes of food needs to be sorted every month!