Charitable Choice Awards 2024

In spite of economic pressures and challenges faced by many in our city, the people of Hong Kong have shown - once again - their commitment to philanthropy and supporting those who need it most.

We are pleased to present the winners of the Charitable Choice Awards 2024:

Corporate Donor
HKCEC (Management) Limited continued their tradition of sending charity gift cards to celebrate their loyal customers, nurturing stronger engagement with their customers and sustaining a much appreciated source of funding for the beneficiary charities.

Charity Heroes
Year 4 students at Chinese International School proved that they are all Charity Heroes by using the free Charitable Choice educational resources to learn about the charity landscape in Hong Kong. Each class researched and collaborated to choose a charity then took action to fundraise for their cause. Congratulations to these young heroes!

Charities of the Year
Charitable Choice facilitated over $1.5 million in donations for close to 70 local charities last year with the following three charities receiving the most support.

Mind Hong Kong provides support and training programmes to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem and equip them with the resources they need.

Equal Justice helps disadvantaged people who cannot afford private lawyers to find solutions to their legal problems for free.

Food Angel rescues edible surplus food and produces nutritious meals free of charge for the underprivileged. Donations via Charitable Choice accounted for over 8,500 meals!

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all the generous donors who have made charitable choices in support of Hong Kong. 

Note: Data for these awards has been taken from the calendar year 2023. Donate to your favourite charity now to see them in the top 3 for next year!

HKCEC (Management) Limited

Corporate Donor of the Year

Year 4, Chinese International School

Charity Heroes of the Year

Mind Hong Kong

Charity of the Year

Equal Justice

Charity of the Year

Food Angel

Charity of the Year