REACH - reading to empower underserved youth

It was wonderful to finally meet Quincy Tse and Vivian Chung of REACH after onboarding the charity virtually during the pandemic. REACH uses reading as a tool to empower children in local underserved communities.

What I learned

So many charities chase impact numbers and often programmes are far reaching but not as deep as they could be. REACH's approach is to go deep by offering their intensive English reading curriculum to a select number of underprivileged kindergarten students over the course of a year.

What the charity does 

Provide regular English literacy lessons to kindergarten aged students, parent workshops and teacher training.

What they need now -

  1. $50,000 to roll out an English reading programme to an underserved local kindergarten
  2. Conversations with Family Offices & Foundations with a mandate to support education projects

Can you help REACH with their goals to empower more underserved children to read in English? If so, donate now!