Just Feel - teaching social emotional learning to children

Charitable Choice supports a range of charities large and small and recently I visited Just Feel - one of our newer and smaller charity partners. With mental health issues in children on the rise since the pandemic, Just Feel's educational programmes are more relevant now than ever before. Thank you Raymond Yang, Christy So and Anthony Ngai for hosting me and for the Feelings and Needs set of cards.

What I learned

  • One of the best practices of conflict resolution is Marshall Rosenberg's 4 Step Model of Compassionate Communication (Observation, Feelings, Needs, Request) which forms the basis of Just Feel's programmes
  • Primary School is the ideal age for children to learn and demonstrate healthy ways to communicate their needs and emotions, preventing more severe mental health problems later in life

What they do

  • Established in 2018, Just Feel provides unique Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programmes to 20+ local primary schools
  • Their comprehensive programmes run for up to 3 years and include student lessons, teacher training and parental wellness workshops
  • What an impact! Over 9,000 students, 800 teachers and 18,000 parents have benefitted in the past 5 years

What they need

  1. Sponsorship of Compassionate Communication starter kits for students ($250 each)
  2. $10,000 to create a story video to be played to over 500 students
  3. Corporate partners to sponsor Parental Wellness Workshops

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