Hong Kong Student Aid Society - providing homes to needy children

Charitable Choice welcomed Hong Kong Student Aid Society to the family recently and I paid a visit to Magdalena Cheung, CEO and Bryony Hardy-Wong at the Holland Hostel in Shatin to learn more.

What I learned
- Children (majority boys) find themselves in need of a residential care home for a variety of reasons e.g. sickness or death of parent/s, inadequate parenting, behavioural issues such such as ASD and ADHD, family abuse, family poverty. 
- Despite rules being relaxed recently, there is still a shortage of foster parents in Hong Kong.

What they do
- Established in 1957, HKSAS specialises in residential care services for needy children.
- The charity serves over 400 residential care children across 2 boys homes, 1 children's home and 7 small group homes.
- They do receive government subvention to operate these homes however the allocation for food is $20/meal/child - if you know anything about growing children (esp. teenage boys!) you would know that this may not be enough.

What they need
1. Food coupons so they can take the children out for meals occasionally - Maxims, Cafe de Coral, McDonalds, pizza
2. Financial sponsorship to purchase food
3. Monthly birthday cake sponsorship - please include delivery :)
4. Sponsorship of enrichment activities e.g. skateboarding, dancing etc
5. Tutorial sponsorship - most children need academic support. Approx. $40,000 for 70 sessions. (Corporate donation before the end of this FY?)

If you can help, please make a donation here.