Heep Hong Society - pioneers in SEN since 1963

Heep Hong Society have been pioneers in Special Education Needs (SEN) programmes since 1963 and Charitable Choice is proud to be their partner. Thank you Oscar Tam and Berinda for touring me at your impressive first-of-its-kind 10 storey Integrated Service Complex at Sandy Bay.

What I learned

  • The waiting list for early intervention services for SEN children is growing
  • Early intervention is key to helping SEN children yet assessment in the public system can take up to 2 years
  • Heep Hong Society fills this gap by offering free or highly subsidised assessment and rehabilitation services for SEN children on the government waiting list

What they do

  • Operate 70+ service units specialised in SEN education, enrichment activities and care for users aged 0-35 years
  • Provide professional SEN training to teachers, social workers and parents
  • Provide vocational training and employment for SEN young adults including at their own Star Cafe on 8/F of the ISC at Sandy Bay

What they need

  • Donations to support the maintenance of their hydrotherapy pool
  • Corporate sponsor/s to produce and distribute a new physiotherapy-themed board game for SEN youth - approx. $100K
  • Donations to support assessments and rehab services for low income families - any amount is welcome
  • Raffle ticket buyers $20 each - on sale until 5 June here 

Can you help support SEN children from low income families in Hong Kong? Can your company help sponsor the Heep Hong Society hydrotherapy pool or SEN board game? Contact me or Oscar Tam for more information or simply make a donation here.