2017 Fundraising Campaign

HK$955.00 籌款金額

來自HELP for Domestic Workers的訊息

Every domestic worker should have access to justice and receive equal and fair treatment before the law. We need your help.

Our goal in 2017 is to raise as many funds as possible to allow us to continue to serve domestic workers in Hong Kong, who are often subject to exploitation. 

In 2016, we assisted almost 3,000 foreign domestic workers in need and reclaimed almost HK$1 million in money due to them. And this year, we hope to make an even greater impact in the community. Funds contributed go towards providing case workers for domestic workers in pursuit of justice, developing educational resources that inform and inspire domestic workers about their rights and our everyday operational costs. Every donation helps and we truly appreciate your interest in HELP for Domestic Workers. 

We are #heretoHELP. Are you?


  • 家傭匡扶中心為在港外籍家傭就有關就業、逗留和人權等事宜提供免費諮詢和協助。


  • I'm so proud of all the new changes! It looks amazing. Miss you all loads. Yours truly, MG

    Mary Grace Benhase
  • I like your MailChimp newsletter - very informative

    C Basto Clark
  • Thanks for the great help for migrant workers!