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The Charitable Choice Chronicles - February 2022

HK$2,380,000 raised, 4930 cookies sold and online giving here to stay

With your help, we raised a record $2.38 million for local charities in 2021, a rewarding way to celebrate our 10th anniversary year! We also sold 4,930 fortune cookies and over $73,000 worth of festive charity gift cards. All of this helped us exceed our $2 million target. On behalf of all of our charity partners, THANK YOU for making a charitable choice.

With yet another round of social distancing restrictions in place, online giving may be the only way for our charity partners to raise funds for their programmes. We make online giving so easy - click here and be empowered to do something inspirational while staying at home!

The Charitable Choice team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a resilient, courageous and healthy Year of the Tiger (thanks to our volunteer Bertha Sun for the tigerific designs!)
Charity Hero Kershaun raises $51,000
Meet 15 year old Kershaun Mathew who raised $51,000 for The Nesbitt Centre via a virtual run. His story is truly inspiring!

Charity Hero combines education with participation, allowing children to explore, learn and fundraise for charity in a fun, interactive and safe environment. You too can be a Charity Hero! Click here to learn more.

More Charity Partners - More Choice
With the mission to empower charitable giving, we welcomed 15 new charity partners to the Charitable Choice platform in the past few months! Learn more and donate to these charities here.

Meet our Team - Joanne Yu
Meet Joanne Yu - our Chief Marketing and Outreach Officer - yes our CMOO!

Joanne has a background in marketing in the finance sector and joined the Charitable Choice team in 2021. She's full of wonderful ideas, is a real dynamo and we are overjoyed to have her on the team. Welcome Joanne!

Have your say!
The insightful annual Charitable Choice Charity Index is in the making. Topics include charitable giving trends and statistics, insights about philanthropy and the most popular charities on our platform.

Which charity category do you think received the most funds via Charitable Choice in the past 12 months? Click on one of the categories below to have your say!






We'll share the answer in the Charity Index in early April. In the meantime, keep calm and make a charitable choice.

Hong Kong Facts

30% increase

Dogs being abandoned in 2020
Source: Hong Kong Dog Rescue

5 Million plastic bottles

End up in the Hong Kong landfill daily
Source: Plastic Free Seas