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The Charitable Choice Chronicles - April 2022

Onwards and upwards for Hong Kong but many still left behind

It’s been a rather challenging few months in Hong Kong, to say the least. But it is during these tough times that the city comes together and pushes through with that uniquely Hong Kong spirit and hardy attitude. A flurry of fundraising campaigns and generous donations were made to support pandemic relief efforts, with Charitable Choice transferring $1.3 million to our charity partners between January and April this year.

With social distancing rules easing and the fifth wave behind us, the impact that the pandemic has brought is still devastating for many in our community. The work of our charity partners to provide assistance to the less privileged in Hong Kong is ongoing. Please continue to support local charities in this "new normal".

This could be as simple as sending a Mother's Day Charity Gift Card or making a donation to one or more of our 65 charity partners!
Amber's 100 days fundraiser
Big thank you to local actor Tony Hung and his wife Inez Leung for creating a fundraiser campaign to celebrate their daughter, Amber's 100 days birthday!

They raised HKD$31,000 for our charity partner, S.K.H St. Christopher's Home - a wonderful charity that provides residential child care services and after school care to approximately 500 underprivileged children each year.

Donate your consumption voucher
Based on a recent government survey, more than two-thirds of underprivileged Hong Kongers who are already struggling under the poverty line have said that at least one family member had lost their job during the pandemic and they have to constantly worry about their next meal.

Why not donate your Consumption Voucher to help these vulnerable groups?

Cybersecurity in focus
We have been extremely fortunate to have had the team at Control Risks provide Charitable Choice with pro bono cybersecurity risk advice during the past two months.

Thanks @Neal Beatty and @JimFitzsimmons  for your expert advice. Priceless!

Have your say!
The Charitable Choice team is planning to organise an educational activity for children to learn about charity. Which activity would interest your child the most? Click on one of the options below to have your say!





We'll share the consolidated feedback in the next issue of the Chronicles. In the meantime, keep calm and make a charitable choice.

Hong Kong Facts

3,541 reported cases

Reported domestic violence & child mistreatment cases
Source: Social Welfare Department 2020

5 Million plastic bottles

End up in the Hong Kong landfill daily
Source: Plastic Free Seas