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Charity Giving Insights 21/22

In the last 12 months Charitable Choice facilitated more HK$2.25 million in donations for our charity partners, the highest annual figure since our inception in 2011. 

Higher than the donations raised last year, this new record reflects the commitment of Hong Kong’s people to our community. In the toughest of times Hong Kong people remained generous to the core, looking out for those in need and donating what they could towards supporting the underprivileged. 

We are proud that the Charitable Choice platform is able to facilitate continued fundraising through the range of social constraints and challenges, and even more so that we are a local organisation headquartered and operating in one of the most generous cities in the world. 

The Charitable Choice Charity Giving Insights provides information on the status and trends of online giving in Hong Kong, leveraging the statistics, insights and experience of Charitable Choice - Hong Kong's first and only charity that inspires and empowers online charitable giving.

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The Charitable Choice Chronicles - April 2022

Onwards and upwards for Hong Kong but many still left behind

It’s been a rather challenging few months in Hong Kong, to say the least. But it is during these tough times that the city comes together and pushes through with that uniquely Hong Kong spirit and hardy attitude. A flurry of fundraising campaigns and generous donations were made to support pandemic relief efforts, with Charitable Choice transferring $1.3 million to our charity partners between January and April this year.

With social distancing rules easing and the fifth wave behind us, the impact that the pandemic has brought is still devastating for many in our community. The work of our charity partners to provide assistance to the less privileged in Hong Kong is ongoing. Please continue to support local charities in this "new normal".

This could be as simple as sending a Mother's Day Charity Gift Card or making a donation to one or more of our 65 charity partners!
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Covid-19 Help Required!

Covid-19 has affected all segments of the population but is particularly detrimental to those in the most vulnerable situations. We have worked with our charity partners to identify their needs during this difficult time. 

Please email [email protected] for a list of charities and their specific needs during this fifth wave.  Thanks for making an impact! 
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The Charitable Choice Chronicles - February 2022

HK$2,380,000 raised, 4930 cookies sold and online giving here to stay

With your help, we raised a record $2.38 million for local charities in 2021, a rewarding way to celebrate our 10th anniversary year! We also sold 4,930 fortune cookies and over $73,000 worth of festive charity gift cards. All of this helped us exceed our $2 million target. On behalf of all of our charity partners, THANK YOU for making a charitable choice.

With yet another round of social distancing restrictions in place, online giving may be the only way for our charity partners to raise funds for their programmes. We make online giving so easy - click here and be empowered to do something inspirational while staying at home!

The Charitable Choice team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a resilient, courageous and healthy Year of the Tiger (thanks to our volunteer Bertha Sun for the tigerific designs!)
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We did it!

We are so excited to share that with your generous support we reached our goal of raising HK$2 million for local charities in 2021!  In fact, we raised HK$2,349,576, representing a record high in annual funds raised and the perfect celebration of our Charitable Choice 10th Anniversary.

We couldn’t have done it without you so a huge thanks and congratulations to everyone who donated, bought cards or set up fundraisers – you did good!

Here’s to an even better 2022!
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Hong Kong Facts

1.4 Million

Live below the poverty line
Source: HK Poverty Situation Report 2019

3,541 reported cases

Reported domestic violence & child mistreatment cases
Source: Social Welfare Department 2020