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Charity Giving Insights 21/22

In the last 12 months Charitable Choice facilitated more HK$2.25 million in donations for our charity partners, the highest annual figure since our inception in 2011. 

Higher than the donations raised last year, this new record reflects the commitment of Hong Kong’s people to our community. In the toughest of times Hong Kong people remained generous to the core, looking out for those in need and donating what they could towards supporting the underprivileged. 

We are proud that the Charitable Choice platform is able to facilitate continued fundraising through the range of social constraints and challenges, and even more so that we are a local organisation headquartered and operating in one of the most generous cities in the world. 

The Charitable Choice Charity Giving Insights provides information on the status and trends of online giving in Hong Kong, leveraging the statistics, insights and experience of Charitable Choice - Hong Kong's first and only charity that inspires and empowers online charitable giving.

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We're an open book!

Charitable Choice has a robust website that records and allocates all donations with efficiency and accuracy. At the end of each financial year, we also undergo a detailed audit, guaranteeing that all donations are accounted for. Click on the links below to read our Annual Reports and review our financial statements.

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Hong Kong Facts

3 in 10

Elderly living in poverty
391,200 or approximately 30% of elderly persons over the age of 65 live in poverty.
Source: Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2019

30% increase

Dogs being abandoned in 2020
Source: Hong Kong Dog Rescue