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The Charitable Choice Chronicles - March 2020

Hope you are all staying healthy and safe.  In these challenging times it was certainly nice to receive some good news from Hong Kong's Financial Secretary on 26 February, 2020, announcing the HK$10,000 payment to Hong Kong Permanent Residents, as well as the profits tax waiver for businesses!  
Whilst we warmly welcome these alleviation measures, we'd also like to suggest that recipients consider donating some of this windfall to those less fortunate.  Often overlooked during troubled times, the underprivileged need our help. Many of our charity partners are appealing for donations - however small - to help them and their beneficiaries cope with this crisis.
Please consider making a donation via Charitable Choice to one or more charities of your choice, or make it more fun and gift your friends and family with eCards so they can then choose charities to support!  Every little bit helps.

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Charitable Choice has a robust website that records and allocates all donations with efficiency and accuracy. At the end of each financial year, we also undergo a detailed audit, guaranteeing that all donations are accounted for. Click on the links below to read our Annual Reports and review our financial statements.

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Fact elderly

1 in 3

Elderly living in poverty
308,500 or approximately 30% of elderly persons over the age of 65 live in poverty.
Source: Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2015
Fact violence

1 in 7 women

Suffered from sexual violence
There were 71 rapes and 1,019 indecent assaults recorded in 2016.
Source: Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women