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Charitable Choice Awards 2022

Charitable Choice is excited to announce the winners of the Charitable Choice Awards 2022 – celebrating the stellar philanthropic efforts of members of the Hong Kong community.
“Despite the backdrop of what has been a challenging year for Hong Kong and the world, the past 12 months saw Charitable Choice facilitate over $2.3 million in donations for our charity partners, the highest annual figure since our inception in 2011” said Cheryl Wilson, CEO of Charitable Choice.
“2021 saw the continued adoption of online fundraising, not just by individuals and corporates, but also by our charity beneficiaries, as social constraints remained prohibitive on in-person events,” she added.
The record level of fundraising achieved through the Charitable Choice platform signifies a shift in philanthropic behavior as individuals, companies and charities effectively leverage technology to support social causes.   
“We have seen this shift in retail habits and now we are seeing the same in charitable giving.  It’s encouraging and, we believe, a move in the right direction as it frees charities to focus efforts on providing support and services to their beneficiaries,” Cheryl explains. 


We're an open book!

Charitable Choice has a robust website that records and allocates all donations with efficiency and accuracy. At the end of each financial year, we also undergo a detailed audit, guaranteeing that all donations are accounted for. Click on the links below to read our Annual Reports and review our financial statements.

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Hong Kong Facts

3,600 Tonnes

Food wasted daily in Hong Kong
Source: Feeding Hong Kong

1.4 Million

Live below the poverty line
Source: HK Poverty Situation Report 2019