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Hong Kong people live in poverty

Out of a population of 7 million Hong Kong residents, approximately 14.3% of the population live in poverty.

Source: Commission on Poverty

3,600 tonnes

Food wasted daily

Yet 300,000 Hong Kong children do not get 3 meals a day.

Source: Food Angel


HIV infections in Hong Kong

The cumulative total of reported HIV infections as at end 2016.

Source: AIDS Concern

2,500 people died from Air pollution

In 2016, air pollution caused 2,500 premature deaths, $30 billion in lost dollars, 170,000 hospitalizations, and 4 million doctor visits.

Source: Clean Air Network

1 in 7 women

Suffered from sexual violence

There were 71 rapes and 1,019 indecent assaults recorded in 2016.

Source: Association Concerning Sexual Violence Against Women

1 in 3 Elderly living in poverty

308,500 or approximately 30% of elderly persons over the age of 65 live in poverty.

Source: Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report 2015

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