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The Leprosy Project serves more than 4400 villages and about 660 persons affected by leprosy. The charity operates programmes in POD (Prevention of disabilities) and Rehabilitation, Education, Social  Awareness, Livelihood, Community Health and Hygiene. 



The Project officially started services in 2003, starting from two villages and now we have 16 villages & homes in greater Liangshan area. We are now serving more than 4400 villages and about 660 of them are persons affected by leprosy; our project started with POD (Prevention of disabilities) and rehabilitation programmes and now have 5 core programmes in POD and Rehab, Education, Social  Awareness, Livelihood, community health and hygiene. The project was officially registered as Overseas NGO in China in May 2017. The board consists of 11pro bono directors in various professions. 


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