The Hub Children and Youth Centre

Focus Areas

Nurture healthy physical and mental development of underprivileged children


Children and youth aged 6-18 and their parents from low-income families


Proven solid experience in providing services to underprivileged children and youth, continuously creating a beneficial impact on the community that brings positive changes.

What They Do

The Hub Children and Youth Centre transforms the lives of underprivileged children by empowering them with equal opportunities to reach their full potential and become future change-makers.


• 9 years serving the disadvantaged community in Sham Shui Po 
• 3,000 active members
• 700+ underprivileged families 
• 550+ programs per year
• 55,000+ times of services annually
• 93% participants expressed happiness after joining our programs


Established in 2013, The Hub Hong Kong focuses on providing underprivileged children and youth with equal opportunities to reach their full potential and become future change-makers. Our space in Sham Shui Po, one of the poorest districts in Hong Kong, offers a safe space where children aged 6-18 can learn, develop and grow up healthily as all children should.

We enrich and empower disadvantaged children by giving them access to education and holistic development programs. The Hub’s programs include daily homework support, foreign language, STEM, music, art, drama, sports, outings, health and wellness, and personal counseling. We also care for their family health through parenting support, parent-child activities, and distribution of care goods. To the children, The Hub is their  “second home."  Over the years, children benefit from improved academic performance, well-being, self-confidence and better family relationships under a healthier and well-balanced upgrowing. 


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