Teen's Key - Young Women Development Network

Focus Areas

Programmes include:
1/ SRHRs comprehensive sexuality education & experiential workshop in schools and for high-risk girls & young sex workers in the community
2/ Walk with Girls - outreach & emergency crisis intervention includes free STD medical test, emergency hotline, legal aid, and referral
3/ Key for Girls – life enrichment scheme includes soft skills, vocational training


At-risk vulnerable young women aged 13-29 years


Experienced in curating a youth-friendly & non-judgemental environment for vulnerable young women. Providing free and anonymous testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD) as well as sexual health counselling for local young women. Building the bridge for vulnerable young women to get access to trustful service providers.

What They Do

By immediate crisis-intervention, counselling, physical & psychosocial support, educational & explorational life-enrichment programmes, Teen's Key alleviates the problems of young women and girls from crises related to intimacy relationship, confidence, self-esteem and sexual and reproductive health, promoting SDG5 gender equality and harmony in Hong Kong.


80% of the young women in the sex industry who were interviewed want to be in school or a different career, but they feel there are limited options to do anything else.

There are 12,000 active accounts on social media of adolescent girls who sell sex and related activities.


"I was stuck before... Finally you make me breakthrough it and I'm able to see the choices ahead! Thank you!" Connie, aged 20.

Established in 2011, Teen's Key Hong Kong is the first recognized all young women-led charitable institution under S88 of the IRD (#91/14605), also an organization member of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS).

Teen’s Key vision is that every girl deserves support and resources to fully achieve their potential and dream regardless of background and experience. However, complex issues among at-risk young women and girls' require unique knowledge to deal with their traumatic experience.

With our 10+ years’ experience of working with at-risk female youth community, Teen’s Key Hong Kong adopts a non-judgmental and youth-friendly approach with gender base case management framework, allowing the team to engage and build trustful relationships with the vulnerable young women, and at the same time provide 360° comprehensive sexual reproductive health and right prevention education to them.

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