Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care

Focus Areas

End-of-life care & support service, Life-and-death education programme


The dying & the bereaved, the general public


SPHC is the first organization to launch a series of end-of-life care training sources for professional and non-professional healthcare workers since 1998.

What They Do

SPHC strives to advocate universal coverage of hospice and palliative care by promoting  quality hospice and palliative care, providing bereavement support services, and arousing public awareness through organizing different life and death education programmes


Every year the Jessie and Thomas Tam Centre provides free bereavement counseling service to close to 300 people who have lost their loved ones. Since 1998, almost 10,000 participants have taken part in end-of-life care training courses organized by SPHC.


Established in 1986, The Society for the Promotion of Hospice Care (SPHC) is an independent charity organisation in Hong Kong. With our guiding motto of “when days cannot be added to life, add life to days”, SPHC advocates hospice and palliative care and provides bereavement support to people facing the loss of a loved one. Through a variety of life-and-death education programmes, we encourage people to live a full and positive life and face death with dignity and peace.

SPHC founded the Bradbury Hospice, the first and only one free standing hospice in Hong Kong, in 1992.

SPHC established the Jessie and Thomas Tam Centre in 1997, the first bereavement counselling, education and resource centre in Hong Kong, providing comprehensive bereavement support services to fulfill the psychosocial needs of individuals and families who have lost loved ones.

In 2012, with a grant of land by the HKSAR Government and a generous funding by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the Society commenced the construction of the “Jockey Club Home for Hospice”.  Services of the Home are expected to commence in early 2016.  The Home will offer a new model of service that facilitates family participation in caring for patients in a home setting environment.



End-of-Life Care Training Courses, bereavement support activities, Latter Life Forum, Volunteers Training, Advance Care Planning programme for the elderly, World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, Life On The Train Exhibition, Hike for Hospice, Light Up a Life Christmas Concert

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