Focus Areas

Special Educational Needs


Families with Special Educational Needs


With the vision to cultivate an inclusive society, we strive to provide equal opportunities for children with special educational needs and their parents to achieve personal growth and social participation, as well as to provide volunteer opportunities for the public to participate. We believe a more harmonious and inclusive society could be built through active community involvements.

What They Do

Senmily's services
1. Strengthen the bondings of families of children with special educational needs to establish a mutual support network.
2. Connect resources to provide equal opportunities for participation which supports the knowledge, economic and emotional needs of our service users.
3. Promote community participation and empowerment by providing platforms for knowledge transfer and cooperation among people from different sectors, which enhance social cohesion and companionship.


Founded in 2017, as of Mar 2021, SENMILY HK LIMITED is a charitable institution of a public character exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. Our Registered Charity IRD is No.91/17361. We care for the needs and stand with families of children with special educational needs by providing equal opportunities for all to participate.


SENMILY HK has been actively initiating a diversified service program for families of children with special  educational needs from four perspectives, which are mentality, knowledge, skills, and practice. We  provide equal opportunities for all to participate and hope to create a harmonious community by  promoting inclusivity.


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