Senior Citizen Home Safety Association

Focus Areas

SCHSA provides a 24/7 support to elderly in need throughout the past 25 years. SCHSA new fundraising campaign “Blessing of Peace in All Four Seasons” is to be held this year to raise funds for the SCHSA Charity Programme, to support the provision of free 24/7 assistance service to the elderly and others in need with financial difficulties.


Elderly and the needy


SCHSA is a self-financing social enterprise and charitable organization in Hong Kong that offers 24-hour personal caring and emergency assistance services to the elderly and others in need through our core service, Personal Emergency Link, with the mission to enhance the living quality of the elderly in the community through the use of technology and people-oriented services.

What They Do

SCHSA provides a 24/7 support to elderly in need. To further support SCHSA users’ physical and emotional needs, our professional team, consisting of nurses and social workers among others, assists our users in areas such as medical appointment booking, medical escort, health management and emotional counselling. Through our EasyHome Services, we also provide home care, cleaning as well as rehabilitation services to our users. 


As of February, 2021, we received over 11,045,943 calls through Care-On-Call Service, 640,917 of the service users required immediate admission into hospitals. Moreover, we assisted 2,104 suspected missing cases.


Senior Citizen Home Safety Association (‘SCHSA’) was founded in 1996 as a non-profit charitable organisation with a self-financing model. Today it is one of the most established social enterprises in Hong Kong. SCHSA provides Care-on-Call Service, a comprehensive 24/7 support service in the territory consisting of emergency aid, integrated care, around-the-clock vigilance service, health management, active ageing services and day-to-day living assistance. Our mission is to enable all service users to age in place with a quality life by incorporating technology and innovation in our people-centric services.


“Blessing of Peace in All Four Seasons”
Fundraising Campaign (July 03, 2021) 

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