S.K.H. St. Christopher's Home

Focus Areas

Residential Child Care Service, children welfare


Orphans, children without proper family care and children from broken families or low-income family in Hong Kong 


SKH St. Christopher's Home provides residential child care service and after school care service to approximately 500 children each year

What They Do

SKH St. Christopher's Home operates and manages small group homes in Hong Kong to provide 24-hour residential care, concern and welfare to children and young persons who are in need


The Home has served 506 children from January to December 2019.  311 children received residential care services, among which 221 were from Small Group Homes and 90 were from Foster Care Service. 195 children received after-school care service.  44% were within the 10-14 year old age group, 28% between 5-9 years, 14% were 0-4 years and 14% were 15-18 years old.


SKH St. Christopher's Home, founded in 1935, began as an orphanage taking care of homeless children. Today, it is the largest non-governmental organization in Hong Kong providing small group home service for children who cannot receive adequate family care.

Being a child-focused Christian social service organization, the mission of the Home is to create and sustain a healthy environment for children and youth to grow, to develop potentials, and to live a life of fullness.

Our services include Residential Child Care Service, Pre-primary Education Service, Children Health Development Services, Service for New Arrivals and Low-income Families, Clinical Psychological Service and Social Enterprise.



  • “Lok-lok & Yiu-yiu” Sponsorship Scheme
  • Christmas Blessings Campaign
  • Love Chocolate Charity Sale
  • Love Junior Campaign

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