Plastic Free Seas

Focus Areas

Student education, corporate engagement, community involvement.


The ocean, marine life, the people of Hong Kong and around the globe. 


As the only charity dedicated 100% to the issue of plastic marine pollution, we have vast experience working for years with both students and adults, and can provide ongoing support to schools and companies to enable relationship building which helps to encourage behaviour change.

What They Do

PFS empowers people with the knowledge they need to make change happen. Through in-class education and experiential learning on the beach, people understand the problem and are more willing to change their behaviour and push for corporate and governmental change.


Since we started in 2013 - PFS has:
  • Reached more than 66,000 students in 180+ schools
  • Worked with 80 companies
  • Removed more than 25 tonnes of waste from the beaches since 2018 (first started recording)


PFS provides free education to students, in both local and international schools, and community groups on the issue of plastic marine pollution, with a goal of empowering students to make change happen which will result in a decrease in the amount of single-use plastic used. We also work with corporate groups, providing education and service opportunities.


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