Focus Areas

Children and Youth  


Children and youth form low income communities including ethnic minorities; refugees and newly arrivals.


Engaging youth from low income communities to develop their literacy and youth empowerment skills. 

What They Do

Kids4Kids provides platforms for youth to be socially responsible and community conscious.


  • - Engage over 250 volunteers every week to support our programs
  • - Supported over 15,000 youth in Hong Kong  


Kids4Kids is a Hong Kong based non-profit organization developed to inspire young people in Hong Kong to take action and make a positive social impact. Kids4Kids aims to develop social awareness and responsibility by providing platforms that empower kids to enact positive change in their community. To date, Kids4Kids has partnered with over 65 schools, 40 charity organizations, and has involved over 15,500 students. 

Kids4Kids believes in a world where all young people should, by the power of their positive actions, have the opportunity to make a difference. Through service and creativity, Kids4Kids develops platforms to empower all young people to be socially responsible and community conscious.



  • Change Maker Awards (April)
  • Kids4Kids Powered by Youth Forum (September)
  • Our Stories (21 April 2018)
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