Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden – The Raptor Sanctuary

Focus Areas

Wildlife rescue and public education


Raptors that are unable to survive in the wild, the planet and visitors


The rescued raptors will receive professional care from KFBG staff, including veterinary treatments for their injuries. They will also be considered for release and receive an exercise programme to get them back to full fitness. Only those that do not pass the fitness and pre-release training and assessment will be considered for lifetime care.

What They Do

The Jim Ades Raptor Sanctuary of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden keeps raptors that are permanently disabled and cannot be released as they have lost their survival skills. We will feed, house, and provide medical care for those resident Raptors.  We also organise Keeper Talks, where visitors can have a better understand on these majestic birds and find out how we can live in harmony with animals and our natural world.


Between 1994 and 2020, over 52,000 animals were received. About half were successfully nursed back to health and returned to the wild. Some were found a permanent home in an appropriate local or overseas conservation facility.


Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden was established in 1956 to raise awareness of ecological and sustainability issues, undertake species conservation and ecosystem restoration in Hong Kong and South China, reconnect people with nature, and promote sustainable lifestyles.

The Fauna Conservation Department was established in 1994 to support the KFBG Mission and establish programmes for wildlife rescue, endangered species conservation, protected area management and public education.

Funds raised via Charitable Choice will be donated to The Jim Ades Raptor Sanctuary. Managed by Fauna Conservation Department, the Sanctuary keeps those raptors that are permanently disabled and cannot be released as they have lost their survival skills. The rescued raptors may have been involved in accidents or been part of the illegal pet trade. They stay with us as educational ambassadors to help us educate visitors about our wildlife rescue programmes.


Animal Encounters

Objectives: We hope to bring nature closer to visitors, increase general awareness related to wildlife conservation and illegal wildlife trade, and inspire respect and appreciation of animals. We are hoping that through our event, visitors are empowered to make informed conservation choices and live a greener lifestyle.

Content: Experienced animal keepers will introduce our animal ambassadors and convey their stories.

Date: On the first, second and third Sunday of every month (the activity may be suspended due to Covid-19 social distancing guidelines The latest schedule will be announced on KFBG website.)

Time: 10:30 – 15:45

Target Group: Everyone is welcome.

Language: Cantonese (Volunteers may provide English interpretation if necessary)

Application/Enquiry: A Registration Counter will be set up near the Reception Office. Please register on arrival. For more information, please check with our staff at the Reception Office regarding the programme schedule upon your arrival at KFBG or check our website/Facebook for updates.

Remarks: These education activities may be cancelled due to severe weather. Please confirm the programme schedule with our staff at Reception before your visit.

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