Justice Centre Hong Kong

Focus Areas

Free, specialized, legal and psychological support for the most vulnerable in Hong Kong. Advocating for policy changes supported by our evidence base. Conducting research in areas of our expertise.


Justice Centre Hong Kong provides services for the most vulnerable and unassisted asylum seekers, refugees, victims of forced labour, human trafficking and survivors of torture.


The first NGO in Hong Kong to provide free and vital legal aid to vulnerable persons fleeing from conflict and human rights abuses. Justice Centre Hong Kong has assisted over ​1 in 3​ of the asylum seekers who have been accepted in Hong Kong.

What They Do

Justice Centre Hong Kong provides legal assistance to people seeking protection in Hong Kong​, as well as specialized psychological rehabilitation and social support services. Justice Centre Hong Kong produces authoritative research and engages in evidence-based dialogue to advocate for legislative and policy reform, striving to strengthen the rule of law in Hong Kong.


86% of the world’s 25.4 million refugees are hosted in developing countries. Hong Kong has one of the smallest global refugee populations; there are around 14,000 people seeking protection here from countries like Sri Lanka, Burundi and Somalia. That is less than 0.2 per cent of people in Hong Kong.  Many Hong Kongers were once refugees themselves. Between 700,000 and 1 million refugees came to Hong Kong in the 1950s, eventually comprising one-third of the city’s population.


Justice Centre Hong Kong is a non-profit organisation that works in partnership with community members across Hong Kong to support refugees, asylum seekers and other forced migrants. We provide them with social welfare and psychological support, as well as assistance with their legitimate protection claims under Hong Kong law within the Hong Kong Government-designed administrative, review and appeal procedure.  We believe that protecting the rights of the most vulnerable helps strengthen the rule of law in Hong Kong and benefits all Hong Kong people.

To assist the refugee and asylum seekers community to battle challenges during COVID-19, we have been supporting refugee families, all with legitimate claims under Hong Kong law to asylum, by distributing food and other necessities. We also collaborated with the Government to enable refugees to obtain access to COVID-19 vaccines and supported children without access to technology required to attend online school.


For our latest events and publications please visit https://www.justicecentre.org.hk/news-events/

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