Focus Areas

Education, Youth, Mental Health, Emotional Well-Being, Parental Support, Children Development, Empowerment, Access to Social Emotional Learning.


Primary school students, parents and teachers.


JUST FEEL is the leading organization in Compassionate Communication and Social Emotional Learning for improving children's emotional well-being.

What They Do

JUST FEEL cultivates a compassionate school culture using Compassionate Communication & Social Emotional Learning by assisting students to develop the habit of expressing feelings & needs from an early age, empowering teachers and parents with training and joining hands with schools to co-create compassionate school culture by developing long-term strategies.


JUST FEEL has 15 Partner Schools, trained over 3,400 teachers, served 4,300 parents and benefited over 8,400 students.


With our motto “Connection before Solution”, JUST FEEL was established in 2018 as a section 88 charity and our vision is to transform the communication culture in schools and families to enhance the emotional well-being of children. We empower educators and parents to nurture the next generation on embracing Compassionate Communication with our Compassionate School Programme, teacher & parent workshops and communication toolkits. 


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