InspiringHK Sports Foundation

Focus Areas

We use sports as a tool to achieve Social Mobility; Gender Equity; Social Inclusion and Healthy Lifestyle


We mainly use financial criteria to determine if the students could be admitted to our classes. In special circumstances, we also accept students by evaluating non-financial criteria. For more information, please visit introduction of our website. 


Dedicated team of volunteers with diverse professions; Multiple sources of donation and a wide range of supporting partners and support from Hong Kong 's elite athletes who act as our ambassadors and supporters

What They Do

InspiringHK Sports Foundation instils sportsmanship and creates a level playing field for local underprivileged teenagers, so as to increase their social mobility in a sustainable manner.


As of Sept 2019, there are a total of 70 classes being run by InsipringHK Sports offering 26 types of sports with over 1,250 students in 15 different districts.  Out of which 48 programmes belong to social mobility classes, 18 for social inclusion and 2 for gender equality.


InspiringHK Sports Foundation is a local charity established in 2012, with a vision of developing better youths through sports. Our mission is to promote social mobility, gender equality, social inclusion and healthy lifestyle through sports. We carry out our mission through professional sports training, learning experience activities and advocacy activities.



For our latest event updates, please visit our social media channel and newsletters through our website (link attached)

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