InspiringHK Sports Foundation

Focus Areas

Unleash underprivileged youth potential and increase social mobility


 Motivated underprivileged youth meeting financial criteria (including receiving social assistance from the government)


Provides free 2-year training, free professional sports equipment, and sponsors enrolment in competitions

Most coaches are former or current Hong Kong team sportsmen

Executives come from a variety of backgrounds, and pool expertise to effect change.

What They Do

InspiringHK Sports Foundation instils sportsmanship and creates a level playing field for local underprivileged teenagers, so as to increase their social mobility in a sustainable manner.


Currently, InspiringHK Sports Foundation has recorded 20421 hours of sports activities attributed by 382 students. 


InspiringHK Sports Foundation is a registered charity (IR No. 91/12703) in Hong Kong offering 2-year professional sports programmes to underprivileged youth for free. Its sports programmes include hockey, fencing and tennis, which are treated described as as middle class.

Its quality training is marked by:

  1. Coaches that are former or current Hong Kong team sportsmen
  2. Free professional sports equipment and free enrollment in competitions
  3. Learning activities such as excursions to country parks for students of selected courses, complementing sports activities.
It aims to achieve 3 things:

  • Create a level playing field for underprivileged youth to take part in sports
  • Develop positive attributes such as teamwork and perseverance in underprivileged youth so they will have a better chance to succeed in life
  • Connect different sectors in society to the underprivileged and above enhance mutual understanding.



11 sports programmes:

  • “WOMEN'S FOOTBALL Inspires!” in Kwun Tong
  • “HOCKEY Inspires!” in Tuen Mun
  • “InspiringHK x Les Escrimeurs (Hong Kong) FENCING Inspires!” in Hung Hom
  • “ROPE-SKIPPING Inspires!” in Kowloon City
  • “RUN Inspires!” in Sham Shui Po and Kwun Tong
  • "TENNIS Inspires!" in Tin Shui Wai and Tsing Yi
  • “TEEBALL Inspires!” in Kowloon City
  • “SWIM Inspires!” in Kowloon City
  • “GOLF Inspires!” in North District
  • “TAEKWONDO Inspires!” in Tuen Mun
  • “DANCE Inspires!” in Sham Shui Po

Inspirehk mentorship
Hk inspire race
Hk 20inspire football5
Hk inspire hockey1 20 2
Hk inspire running2 20 3

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