ImpactHK Limited

Focus Areas

Food, shelter, education, employment opportunities


People experiencing homelessness in Hong Kong


Wrap around support from education, employment, food, housing to training; huge volunteer network; provide lived experience leadership

What They Do

ImpactHK provides food, shelter, education and employment opportunities to the homeless in Hong Kong


In the past year, we've served over 3,000 meals a week, provided shelter for more than 150 people; 11 people who are with experience of homelessness are employed on the ImpactHK staff team; We have 18 Kindness Walks a week in eleven locations across Hong Kong; More than 15,000 hours of volunteer time was contributed to our projects


ImpactHK is a charity tackling the problem of homelessness in Hong Kong launched in 2017. We provide the homeless in Hong Kong with food, shelter, education, employment opportunities and friendship. We believe in the power of kindness in addressing the pressing problem of homelessness in Hong Kong. Our journey started with a simple aim of doing one act of kindness per month for the homeless - a group of friends going for a walk on the streets and delivering food. ImpactHK’s goal is to earn trust and develop friendships with the homeless in Hong Kong. 


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