Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation

Focus Areas

Education, Health, Inclusive Society


Schools, disadvantaged children


Corporate network, specialist sports coaches, association with HKRU

What They Do

Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation provides opportunities for sport and rugby in particular for everyone, with a focus on youth and disadvantaged groups


Established in 2013
Leaders in Asia in deaf rugby programmes
Jim Hamilton and Graeme Morrison Official Ambassadors


The HRKU’s mission is to harness the positive power of sport to tackle society’s most pressing challenges and create positive change. The HKRU Community Foundation was established in 2013 with the aim of using Rugby and the HKRU brand to bring about positive change within our community by tackling social issues. Each of our programmes focuses on one of three pillars; Education, Health and Inclusive Society which are aligned with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. The Foundation often works with other charities such as Po Leung Kuk, KELY Support Group and schools to deliver these programmes.


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