Helping Hand

Focus Areas

Elderly residential and care services




Helping Hand established the Cheung Muk Tau Holiday Centre for the Elderly in Sai Kung as the only purpose built recreational centre for all elderly in HK; an integrated home is also operated in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province as the first elderly home run in Mainland China by a HK charity.

What They Do

Helping Hand provides Care Homes, Housing for the Elderly, Zhaoqing Home in Mainland China, Holiday Centre, Day Care Centre and various community support services for the elderly in Hong Kong.


Helping Hand looks after over 800 elderly with residential homes and serves an additional 50,000 elderly members of our community and their carers every year through the Holiday Centre and other outreach programmes.


Helping Hand is a charity dedicated to serving the needy elderly people in Hong Kong.

Established in 1978 to rehouse the elderly living in squalid caged bed spaces, we currently run six elderly homes plus the only holiday centre for the elderly in Hong Kong. Apart from the quality residential, caring, rehabilitation and dementia care services for our residents, we provide community support services and programmes for other local seniors and their carers.

To provide an affordable and immediate alternative of retirement for the elderly including those desperately waiting for a subsidized care bed and dementia sufferers, we are running an integrated home in Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province as the first elderly home ever run in China by a Hong Kong charity.



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