Harmony House

Focus Areas

Domestic Violence


Families affected by domestic violence


Harmony House provides 24-hour Woman Hotline and temporary refuge for abused women and children, as well as one-stop anti domestic violence services

What They Do

Harmony House is dedicated to helping families affected by domestic violence and aims at building a caring, harmonious and mutually respectful community for “Zero Tolerance to Domestic Violence”.


In 2015-16, 11876 calls were received and 7,373 (62%) calls were related to domestic violence, and 1,434 calls (12.07%) were received after mid-night.  A total of 257 women and 200 children were admitted to our shelter. On average, the occupence rate stsands at 91.94% throughout the year


Harmony House was established in 1985 as the first shelter for abused women and their children in Hong Kong. Today, we have developed into a one-stop anti-domestic violence service agency, with a wide range of preventive, therapeutic and developmental programs to help families affected by domestic violence. We also organize community education programs, promote harmonious and multi-disciplinary professionals and advocate for policies and legislations on behalf of the victims of violence, their families and communities.

Harmony House believes that all human beings have right to live with dignity and respect, and to be free from violence, abuse and coercion. Human rights should be preserved in our homes as well as our society. Our vision is to build a harmonious and stable community for “Zero Tolerance to Domestic Violence” and on sound family values of harmony, care, mutual respect and responsibility.


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