Equal Justice

Focus Areas

Free legal information and support to disadvantaged and poor people. 


We help poor and otherwise disadvantaged people who have legal problems but cannot afford, understand or access legal information or private lawyers. 


7+ years’ experience, collaborating with lawyers and NGOs, helping over 750 people solve their legal problems.

What They Do

Equal Justice provides legal services for free, so that legally vulnerable people have greater access to effective legal support.  We prevent legal problems by empowering people with accessible education. We progress fairer and more inclusive laws, policies, and practices through leading research. 


Over the past 7+ years, we have found solutions for over 530 legal problems impacting the lives of over 750 disadvantaged people across 10 areas of law, alleviating poverty and hardship. 


Equal Justice or ‘EQJ’ (平義社) helps disadvantaged people who cannot afford private lawyers to find solutions to their legal problems for free. We aspire to drive positive social change through digitally innovative, interconnected cycles of education, service, and research. 


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