EcoDrive Hong Kong

Focus Areas

Single-use plastic awareness and reduction


Mother Earth


Creative campaigns, persuasive marketing, celebrity & KOL support to build more awareness and inspire behavioral change

What They Do

EcoDrive provides screenings of our own film “Start Small Start Now” and “A Plastic Ocean”, workshops and educational materials such as reader books and videos. We also work with businesses on conducting plastic audits, hosting round table discussions to share best practices. In addition, we design community campaigns with leading influencers and celebrities in Hong Kong to encourage behavioral changes.


  • HK people used and discarded 4-6 million masks daily in 2020
  • HK throws away 2100 tonnes of plastic in landfills every year
  • Did you know that microplastics have been found in our food chain?


EcoDrive is a not-for-profit organisation created in 2018 to combat single-use plastic waste by 11 concerned parents in Hong Kong.  It has since attracted media, celebrity and grassroots community support. Fueled by a single-minded focus on addressing the alarming and habitual plastic waste, EcoDrive promotes the awareness and reduction of single use plastic in Hong Kong.  A variety of approaches are deployed with an emphasis on education by providing documentary screenings, materials, resources and solutions to schools, businesses and the community.  By motivating and driving each individual to make a lifestyle change, we believe together we can make a difference.  Start small, start now!


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