Clean Air Network

Focus Areas

Environment, Public Health, Education, Social Awareness


Environment, Children, Community and the Public


CAN often receive invites from schools, universities, community centers, chambers of commerce and global companies to give educational talks about air pollution and work CAN does to combat the issue

What They Do

CAN aims to amplify the voices of individuals, groups and organizations and together urge the government to take appropriate measures to clean up our air immediately.


Roadside pollution was still a major health threat to Hong Kong in 2019. The roadside level of pollutants NO2 and PM2.5 were higher than WHO recommended safety level by 1.98 and 2.5 times respectively. Over 90% of roadside air pollution is contributed by commercial vehicles.
The University of Hong Kong’s Hedley Environmental index estimates air pollution in Hong Kong caused an additional 130,000 hospital bed days, 2.3 million doctor visits, 1,700 premature deaths and HK$21 billion in economic losses in 2019.


Clean Air Network is an independent NGO exclusively dedicated to improving Hong Kong’s air quality. The team has constantly worked to raise the profile of air pollution as a critical public health issue. CAN is dedicated to driving policy change by building knowledge, collaborating strategically and advocating solutions in a holistic approach. Our current primary focus is on roadside pollution and children’s health.
By working closely with District Councilors, Legislative Council members, medical professionals, and community, business and student leaders, CAN is spreading its message through numerous channels in the society and forming a coalition to fight for better air in Hong Kong.


Let Our Children Breathe
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) roadside measurement

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