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Focus Areas

Environment, Education, Social Awareness




CAN often receive invites from schools, universities, community centers, chambers of commerce and blue-chip companies to give educational talks about air pollution and the work CAN does to combat the issue

What They Do

CAN aims to educate the public about the health impacts of air pollution and mobilize public support for cleaner air in Hong Kong.


In 2015, air pollution caused 2,196 premature deaths, 27 billion in lost dollars, 145,745 hospitalizations, and 3.56 million doctor visits according to the Hedley Environmental Index


Clean Air Network (CAN) is an independent NGO exclusively dedicated to improving Hong Kong’s air quality, and to this end, CAN seeks to educate every member of the public about the health impacts of air pollution. Through a 360° mobilization campaign, CAN’s mission is to create grass roots support to urge policy change in favour of clean air in Hong Kong.

CAN has constantly worked to raise the profile of air pollution as a critical public health issue since its founding in 2009. CAN’s work ranges from providing air quality alerts and sharing the latest air quality-related research to monitoring pollutant levels and advocating clean air measures. By working closely with District Councillors, Legislative Council members, medical professionals, and community, business and student leaders, CAN is spreading its message through numerous channels in society, and forming a coalition to fight for better air in Hong Kong.



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