Changing Young Lives Foundation

Focus Areas

  • Art to Heart – Expressive art workshops to foster the mental well being of emotionally vulnerable youth   
  • Brain Box – Custom sensory-motor and cognitive training for children with learning difficulties 
  • Slam Dunk Challenge – Sports-based outreach programme with social service, sport training, dream workshop and career development 
  • Kiddies Land – Sensory integration and developmental training for pre-school  children   
  • Pay It Forward – Educational and multi-intelligence workshops   
  • Smart Mom – Self-improvement and parenting workshops  


Underprivileged children and young people aged 21 or below and their families


All resources and services are free; the learning center is established  at Sham Shui Po to serve one of the poorest district in Hong Kong and to Inspire youngsters to realise their dreams with all-rounded support  

What They Do

We identify underprivileged children and young people to change their lives for the better


In the year of 2015/2016, we provided 4,449 service sessions and benefited 37,466 users


We are dedicated to serve underprivileged children and young people in Hong Kong and the Mainland by providing free educational and developmental programmes to inspire them to realize their full potential and lead happy and productive lives. 

We provide free-of-charge services to children and young people from low income, single parent, new immigrant and dysfunctional families, as well as those with special developmental and educational needs. Our services range from preschool learning opportunities for toddlers, to training for children with learning difficulties, multi-intelligence and academic workshops for children, life coaching for youngsters, parental support for families and more.


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