Valley Everest 24x Challenge

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HK$415,466.00 raised
HK$500,000.00 goal

Message from Valley RFC Sports Club

Valley Rugby Football Club ( and Valley Fort Rugby Football Club ( are undertaking an epic pre-season event to raise awareness and funds for charities supporting and developing children in Hong Kong.

The Valley Everest 24x Challenge is the second edition of the event where teams will run up and down the steps of Shing Wong Street over 24 hours from 6pm-6pm on 20-21 August, in an attempt to scale the equivalent of 24 Mount Everest’s (a whopping 203,712 metres of altitude!).
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In 2020, we raised $220,000 for Feeding HK and Harmony House on the Charitable Choice platform and won their “Campaign of the Year Award”.

In 2021, our goal is to raise $500,000 on the platform. 

All donations made via this campaign page will be shared as follows: 
1) 70% to the Valley Foundation (our own charity, currently undergoing section 88 registration) via the Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation* (HKRUCF) 
2) 10% to Harmony House* (providing training and refuge to victims of physical abuse)
3) 10% to Kely Support* (providing support and development for troubled youths)
4) 10% to Society for Community Organisation* (SoCO)(striving for social justice and opportunities for all corners of society.)
As the charitable registration of the Valley Foundation is not yet finalised, the share of the donations to be given to the foundation will instead be passed and held by our good friends at the HKRUCF pending our registration. 

Once registered, Valley Foundation will use the donations to assist it to deliver sports-based programs and personal development to under-privileged children in Hong Kong. We believe that sport improves confidence, resilience, pride, social skills, mental physical health and provides ‘mates and memories’ for life. We believe that ALL kids should have sport in their lives. 
* all are section 88 registered charities

We thank you in advance for any contributions and support that you can offer.

charities supported

  • Hong Kong Rugby Union Community Foundation provides opportunities for sport and rugby in particular for everyone, with a focus on youth and disadvantaged groups

donor comments

  • Oops missed that one - better late than never

    Doug Gray
  • Well done to all who has participated!

    Jayne So
  • Amazing achievement everyone!! Hope you all drank lots of 'isotonic' beverages back in the B&G!!

    Alistair James Clark
  • Congratulations Emma KJ.

    Luke Spiteri
  • Great job guys!

    Fifi W.
  • Well done Pinnacle team!

    Melissa & Ben
  • Go Valley!!!

    Jasmine Gregory
  • Well done

    Ramesh Chugani
  • well done team! proud of you lauren :)

    Joyce Wong
  • Great work everyone! Amazing cause

    Kimberley Chong
  • Well done everyone!

    Lynsey Gruszka
  • Scaling highest heights for goodc

    Diane Koram
  • Great work everyone!

    A & V
  • Great effort Valley

    Paul Wong
  • Well done Georgie and everyone!

  • Well done Valley!

    Laura Ayres
  • Well done hodgetts!

    Jimmy Mao
  • Well done Mundigian family !! Proud of you all xx

    Suzie Moore
  • Congratulations Karla and Everest Foundation Team!

    Winnie Chiu
  • Thanks for organizing!

    Tornberg family
  • Well Done Valley....Awesome planning and execution.

    Steven Medeiros
  • Well done, Babes, family & friends! Well done, Valley!

    Maxine Chia

    Meg C Hills
  • Congratulations Nadhika (Joanne), the Valley Lynx girls & all participants of the Valley Everest Challenge!

    Hannah Shrubsole
  • 85 climbs x $20 = $1,700! Thanks for an awesome morning.

    Andrew Stanley
  • Well done U16 Boys!

    Etienne Ernst
  • Great effort Valley!

    William Courtenay
  • Pledge for Tanya and Valley team. Well done!

  • Pledge for The Valley Foundation Team

    Patrick Shepherd
  • Pledge for Valley Legends and Valley Foundation

    Kim Boreham
  • Well done Valley! Very proud to have been part of this awesome club

    Andy Tam
  • A great success of the Event!

    Lau So Ying
  • Top Work Lads

    William Ochoa
  • Great effort!

    Emma J Wright
  • Well done Ryan

    Ben Burger
  • Congratz

    Graham Emo
  • Great work, Vennie!

    Simon L
  • Go da Valley!

    John Hamilton
  • Well done Danny, Bernie, Josh and the rest of Team Pinnacle Performance!

    Neel Dave
  • Valley Griffs - coin check

    Dylan Navra
  • Fantastic effort JJ & Joanie and of course everyone else. Well done all. Such an incredible achievement for some worthy causes. 🙌🏻❤️

    The Boyce Family
  • Add oil!

    Ryan Mellor
  • For the Doughbros. Sorry I couldnt join!

    Paul McCracken
  • Good job, guys!

  • Fantastic effort & sorry we couldn’t join

    Paula Marriott
  • For George Mallis completing 30 sets

    Edmund Lau
  • Well done!!!

    Bianca Chow
  • Well done all, so inspiring!!!

    Camplin-Warner Family
  • Well done TPT Family!

    Taj Purewal
  • Great effort by everyone involved!

    Scott Moore
  • 💪🏼💥

    Hamish Orr ewing
  • Great effort from all those who participated & donated! C&S

    Chris & Shelley Bredbury
  • Well done Ping, Ian, Katie and Anna! You’re an inspiration!

    Elaine Teo
  • Nice work, Jodie!

    Katie Doherty
  • Well done Jeremy and Jacob!

  • Smashed it Calv!

  • Well done, Calvin.

  • Up the Mavericks!!!

    Daniel Hodgetts
  • Well done mad people!

    James and Harriet
  • Griffs coin check fine

    Andy Nicholls
  • Up The Mighty Valley

    Mark Fatialofa
  • Well done, Ben!!!

    Jessie Chan
  • Well done Lil Kwak! What a Hero! Everyone taking part is incredible!

  • A certain amount per run by each of the family runners: Martin 14 Sofia 17 Lukas 40 (20 in assigned hour) Gabriel 54 (14 in assigned hour)

    Tornberg family
  • Vaaaaaalleeeeeey

  • Go team Pinnacle

  • 💪💪💪

  • Good luck to our Daughter Berni Bray (Dett) and all the team who are taking part, great effort. Good luck to you all from Dett's Mum and Dad.

    Andy Bray
  • Well done Valley!

    Ramesh Jhunjhnuwala
  • Go Valley!

    Juan Delgado
  • Well done Austin and Stella

  • Go Steve, Rach, Austin and Stella!!!

    Nicola Andrews
  • Team Spectrum 💪💪💪

    Ollie and Josh
  • Go Pinnacle! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 Janet & Martin

    Janet Cheng
  • Good luck Hannah!

    Bob Mullard
  • I'm supporting my teacher.

    Ethan Wei
  • Alexander Family - 20 summits

    Sean Alexander
  • Big shout out to James & Angela - fabulous effort for fabulous causes!! Sending loads of love from the UK

    Serena & Nog Norgren
  • Let’s hear it for Dad Bods!

  • Allez les Fayard!

  • Step it up Tim :)

  • Go Dad Bods!

    Janel & Kevin
  • Go Mike go!!!

  • Go Valley! You got this legends 🤛🏾

    Erin QB Emrick
  • Good luck Lauren and crew! Sending all my love! Katie xx

    Katie wu
  • Good Luck Mike SakasI love that Dad Bods group is helping out all kids in Hong Kong💕

    Kerry Murphy
  • Pherform

    Chu Ka Lam
  • Go Tim Pottle! Grrrrrrr!

  • Go Danny, Bern and co; see you soon!

  • Good luck Angela & James…. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to support… Have fun and will be thinking of you !!

    Ahmed Bougarfa
  • ;)

  • You're doing awesome work cuz 🖤💛

    Carina Hetutu
  • Go Valley - Smash it!

    Krys and Broz Coffin
  • Good luck guys!

    Ashley and Caroline
  • Under 16 Boys

    Tim Durant
  • Go James and Ange! You picked a nice hot day for it…

    Silvan Colani
  • Good luck Danny

    Mum and Dad
  • All the best older brother and Team. I was There. 1,2,3. For the Tops! ATAMUBROTHERS

    Shaun and Regan Atamu
  • Nice work Ange and James

    Stuart Woollford
  • Good luck Calvs!

  • Happy Climbing to the Michies and the Stewiens! All the best Pete PST!21

    Pete Thomson
  • Lots of love and support!!

    Stephanie Hellbach
  • Leeeee go!

    Calvin Dass
  • Go u5-u8s !

    Paul Brodie
  • Supporting Team TransPerfect :)

    Wilson Chan
  • Hope Austin and Stella manage to climb lots of steps and don’t leave it all to Mummy and Daddy! Go team Andrews!

  • Good luck 🤞 😉

    Shona Jhunjhnuwala
  • Best of luck Bernie 🍀🍀

  • Go Biddy, Lydia, Aileen, Roshini, Kate 🦵🦵🦵🦵🦵

    Ruth Palis
  • Great cause, well done Valley

    Jan Souleyman
  • Good luck Mona!

    Rajesh Agrawal
  • Well done!

    John Jex
  • Go on Bern dog you magnificent fiend 💪

    Fiona Sheil
  • Watch out for those stairs... I hear they're up to something. If you need help, just follow the step by step plan. Good luck xo

  • Goodluck Bernie x

  • Good luck! Go smash it!

    Terry Sibanda
  • Go smash it you sexy beast

  • Support Valley 24 Everest Challenge!

    William W.
  • G’waaaan Bernie! 💪🏻

    Amber O
  • Good Luck to all taking part

    Heather Deayton
  • Go team!

    Jonathan Kan
  • Goooo Valley!!!! ❤️

    Mona Jhunjhnuwala
  • Go Valley U12 girls !!

    Andy Schroth
  • No muck around. I was there. Boom boom

    Anthony Konelio
  • Go Valley!

    Lars Aagaard
  • Go VF 👏👏👏

    Suhair Taha Brown
  • Go Sam👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Ruri Pao
  • Great initiative and cause. Good luck with the big climb! C’mon Valley U/13!

    Tim Smart
  • See you on the steps!!

    Joni and Harri James
  • Go Dazza

    Kym Graham
  • Good luck!

    Steve Glynn
  • Go Dazza!!

    Paul Lynch
  • Well done Sam and team

    Ash and Shaz
  • Good luck Tim Pottle and thanks for putting in the hard work for a worthy cause! I considered donating a dollar per step, but feared you might break the bank…

    Anette Jönsson
  • Looking forward to joining the efforts for 24 Everests in 24hrs....grinding a 12 hr shift with the crew Bella, Bernie, TY, Anna....see you all at Midnight Amazing effort by all, see you all throughout the day, best of luck to everyone, lets get it.

    Danny Atamu
  • Go team!

    Tori Mainey
  • Great effort gals 💪🏼

    Laura Neville
  • Go TransPerfect!

    Peiyu Rabago
  • Keep it up great cause

    Ariel Faucher Gentzbourger
  • Go VF13 led by our fearless leader Allan Finnerty!

    Leo Hee
  • Team Valley, Team Pinnacle, Team 12hr heroes 🙌

    Bella Milo
  • Best of luck with all 24 - especially Dan Hodgetts!

  • Go Dad Bods - Gerard Morice!

    Mike, Scotia, Angus and Niamh Huang
  • Good luck to all the Valley participants, especially the 12hr Heroes! 💪🏻

    The Mowat Family
  • Let's go TPT!

    Jennifer Bucci Smith
  • Good luck!

    Margaret Tarrant
  • Go go Gu Gu and Ge Ge!

    Quillan Dwyer
  • Dadbod Crew

    Mathew Brown
  • Well done guys!!

  • Go go go Mr Little!

    Julie Lim
  • Go VF! ❤️🖤

    Louise Greene
  • go go go

    Auntie Winnie
  • Good luck!

    Angela Reid
  • Bon courage à Oscar victor et franck fayard

    Vuillier josselyne
  • Happy family training time Sam!

  • Tremendous efforts ladies and gent, very well done to you all! Drew & Bal

    Alison Taylor
  • Go go go!

  • Well done Valley!

    Duncan Pescod
  • Well done Sam, Allan and the boys

    Niels Jensen
  • Go Valley Babes, Family and Friends.

    Sandy Pescod
  • Go go go!!

    Auntie Monica
  • Go go go…!!

    S. McWong
  • Go Mr Little!

    Joan Yee
  • Go go Leela!

    Lovey Chin
  • You girls rock! Proud of you all. It’s not easy but you got this!

    Sisi Wong
  • Henlo!!!

    Tommy Prast
  • Good luck and enjoy!

    Monaliza Chian
  • Dad Bods - Gerard Morice

    Mari Pope
  • Good luck Wheelers From The Russell’s

    Susan Russell
  • Good luck to you all. X

    Margaret and Dave Schroder
  • Dad bods - Gerard Morice

    Sonia Chan
  • We know you can do it Team Wheeler

    Irene McKinnon
  • go conquer Valley Everest team! Thanks for working hard & Sweating to help communities in the city!

    Gloria N.
  • Go Team Wheeler and Valley Rugby Club woo woo woo!

    Rachel McKinnon
  • Amazing event and efforts Valley! Especially good luck to the U12 and U16 Fort teams!! 👏

  • Way to go! Good luck!

    Sandy Poon
  • Good job everyone!

    Rochelle Borchman
  • Go go go, George and team! Support!


    shirley wong
  • Good luck to The Valley Foundation Team!

    Arrann Young
  • Another pinnacle for Pinnacle. Go team Pinnacle.

    Martin Rogers
  • Cheering for Hannah! xx

  • Great effort lads

  • Go Leela!! 💪🏻

  • Go - Danny, Bernie, Bella and TY!

  • Let's go Sprowly!

    Tom Isaacs
  • Every step counts! Supporting Valley Legends Women’s Rugby and Valley Foundation. And wishing all the best to all of the participants over the 24 hours!

    Kim Boreham
  • Go the "Knackered Nags"!

    James Michie
  • Good luck Pinnacle!!! You got this 💪🏻

    Careen C
  • Go Dad Bods!! See you at the TOP!!

    Andrew Schroth
  • Good luck to all participating. Cheers

    Simon Parfitt
  • Good luck

  • Dad Bods - Gerard Morice

  • Dad bods- Gerard Morice

    Richard WAU
  • Best of Luck!!

    Katherine Koo
  • Dad Bods - Gerard Morice

    Agnes and Fred
  • Sponsoring Joean Guillarda

    Joseph Dahlhauser
  • Team Valley - Team Pinnacle - Team TransPerfect

    Lauren Abraham
  • Good luck and god speed sir!

  • Way to go!

    Ashleigh Chen
  • Run Morice run!

    Brad Adamczyk
  • All the way to the top. Let's go team!

    Tom Banaszewski
  • Dad Bods - Gerard Morice

    Judy Gee & Antonio Ng
  • Go Valley! The sky is the limit

    Andre Marzloff
  • Go Ryan! Minimum 20 lengths please 😬

    David Knight
  • So impressed! Way to go team!

    Amanda Ryan
  • Go, Dadbod Fitness Club! Why are you making me run with you? You better have ordered up 20-degree temperatures in a week!

    Jay Monson
  • GO GO GO!

    Elizabeth Mai Schroder
  • Go Enchiladas !

  • Good luck!

    Robbie McRobbie
  • Good luck to the team :)

    Jane Fung
  • Gooooo Pinnacle!!

    Denise Wong
  • Good luck to all participants in this massive effort for a very worthy cause! On Behalf of my company, Star Material Solutions.

    Paddy Shepherd
  • Good luck to the team

    Amelia Hughes
  • 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤

    Anita Vogel
  • Go team!!!

    Casey Dianni
  • Good luck!

    Ola Florys
  • Valley, valley, valley, valley, valley, valley, valllllleeeeeeyyyyy!

    LaRoy Hoard
  • In support of Tim Pottle and all the steppers. Grrr it out.

    Rolly Aldovino
  • What a great idea!!!

  • Go Valley! Brocco and Jodes

    Jodie Behan
  • Danny boy Do it 20 times, you Pirate

    Mick Wilson
  • Well done to Danny & Mais & to everyone that took part!

    Fran Schroder
  • Go Bernie and team!!!

    Dee Oh
  • Come on Griffs and Dough Boys 👍

    Andy Nicholls
  • Well done George & Team! Great cause!

    Oliver & Camilla
  • Great cause!! Thanks

    Melissa Mok
  • Great and meaningful charity activity!

    Elisa and friends
  • Good luck Valley!

  • Leeegoooo @ DA Valley Reporter. Keep up the mean mahi HK whanau. #punikid#punidna

    Nikki Bhana
  • Well done Valley!

  • Awesome effort Coops! Love Mum & Dad

    Tan Jeff Rodda
  • Sally, Hope that your team can reach the target, thanks for all of you doing an amazing job to help others.

    Idy Lam
  • Good luck all!

    Jon Callaghan
  • Well done everyone from Valley and Valley Fort who participated!

    Olly Stratton
  • Go Bernie!

  • Go Danny and crew 👏🏽 Awesome mahi

  • Thank you for raising money for this cause!

    Neeti Jain
  • Get it Bern dog! Big Mama loves ya!

    Big Mama
  • Go Team "Babes Families and Friends"! What a great way to get active and fundraise for the underprivileged in HK! Regards, Ping, Ian, Katie & Anna

  • All the best Ryan and team - great cause

    Darren Hari and Leila Pritchard
  • Love that you're doing this! You're so cool ☺️😍 Keep it up 😃

    Paolo Rodriguez
  • Let’s go!

  • good luck to all attempting / taking part in tis challenge

    phil francom
  • Good luck all!

    Nick Carlsen
  • Team DadBod Fitness Club

    Craig and Franklin Karnitz
  • Great charity. Seize the moment Andy Sprowell’

    Eddie Clarke
  • Go Smash it Tim

    Chloe Ting
  • In support of charity run for Karla Fung-Lee

    David Cheng
  • Good luck to all taking part, especially Tim xx

    Patricia Pottle
  • Go for it Tim!

    Erik Bleekrode
  • Go Tim - climb those stairs!!!

    Tom H
  • Smash it Tim!

    Andrew Mee
  • Good luck!

    Winnie Rasmussen
  • godspeed!

    andy meiers
  • One step at a time …

    Chris Wood
  • VTID

    Andrew Sprowell
  • Good luck!

    Simon Clarke
  • I'll be pounding those stairs during the event!

    Tim Pottle
  • Add oil! Together for Kindness and Record-breaking!!

    Doris Lee
  • Go Goal Getters!

  • Good luck

    James E
  • You go, Ben Coco!

    Justin Jimenez
  • Go Ben and team!

    Betty Chen