The Valley RFC Everest Challenge for Covid Victims

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HK$218,298.00 raised
HK$100,000.00 goal

Message from Valley RFC Sports Club | Rugby Hockey Netball

Hong Kong has been ravaged - first by civil unrest and then by COVID-19. It has been highly visible.

Less visible is the impact of lockdowns and economic stagnation.

Domestic violence has spiked and shelters for women and children are full.

Those living in poverty have been critically affected by the reduced ability of food banks to collect and distribute surplus food to those in need.

In Hong Kong, 3,600 tonnes of food waste ends up in landfills every day
 while more than one million people live in poverty.

Valley RFC (one of Hong Kong's largest sports clubs) will conduct a fundraising event on Saturday 27th June, between 6am and 6pm, by attempting to climb the Ladder Street stairs 1,000 times. This would represent the ascent and descent of Mount Everest four times in 12 hours.

Club members from the rugby, hockey and netball sections will work in teams to complete the task.

The club will collect donations via the Charitable Choice platform, with all proceeds being split 50/50 between Feeding Hong Kong and Harmony House. These two charities do an amazing job in protecting and supporting those affected by poverty, food shortages and domestic violence.

The club asks that supporters offer an equal amount to each cause when making donations on the website.

Valley RFC is extremely grateful for any and all donations made during the campaign.

charities supported

  • Feeding Hong Kong's main goal is to feed people in Hong Kong who would otherwise go hungry by offering food manufacturers, distributors and retailers a convenient, safe and reliable way to channel surplus food to local charities that help feed people in need.

  • Harmony House is dedicated to helping families affected by domestic violence and aims at building a caring, harmonious and mutually respectful community for “Zero Tolerance to Domestic Violence”.

donor comments

  • Nice one Doug Mooney

    Scott Perry
  • To Doug and Joanie - well done!

    Jane Siegfried
  • Well done to all those who took part. great effort and amazing result. Good luck in 2020/21 Season

    Tobias Bland
  • Fantastic Valley event! Great to see Vinnie and Wongy front and centre :)

  • We are super proud of you Ashlee and delighted to support these two wonderful organizations as a result of your climb!

    Sue and John Toomey
  • Great effort from everyone involved. Go Valley!

    Pat Healy
  • Well done Mr Fleming!

    Andrea Fraser
  • You all smashed it! Well done!

    Jodie Behan
  • Well done Nicole and team!

    Victoria Ng
  • Great work Valley!

    Robbie McRobbie
  • Amazing effort Valley! Well Done to everyone who took part. #DavidVincent you crushed it!

    Lorna McCabe
  • Hope you have tiger balm at the ready Doug!! Well done to you all!! xx

    Karen Chan
  • Fantastic stuff Doug - nice one mate - great causes too, well done to all

    Jon Measures
  • Great cause and well done Dave Vincent

    Jason Orange
  • Together we can fight the covid-19 🙏

    Anna Chamberlain
  • Well done Vinny !! 🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏼👍🏼🤗🤗

    Three A Surgeons
  • Knees up, Vinny!

  • Well Kathryn and Rory!

    Hilary Ward
  • Knee’s up Douglas

  • God bless

  • Great effort Tara! Werk it ;)

    Anita Eat
  • Awesome day Valley ❤️🖤

  • A very wonderful event. Cheers!

    Lau So Ying
  • Well done Daisy Chui & Eva Chang!

    Ika Weffy
  • Well done Paul. Tremendous effort. - Yvonne, Darren and Dominic

    Enhanced Investment Products
  • Smash those stairs Valley

    Klavins Family
  • 👍👍👍

    Jennifer Shen
  • Job well done Daisy and the fam ! Xx

    Jennifer Cheung
  • Thank you Valley folks for your good works today.

    The Spencers
  • Well done Valley!

  • Well done everyone 👍🏾

    Jermaine Weeden
  • Adelante Tara, estamos contigo!

  • Go for it Tara!

    Tim & Maria
  • Go TIA TATA!!!

    Noah and Samuel
  • Cheers Martin Muller

    Teddy Hookey
  • Top work gents

    Nico Staffieri
  • Well done Chengs!

    Ivy lee
  • Well done Tonky and Mona!!

    Lauren Yee
  • Great work Valley RFC

    Nick Hewson
  • Well done Dave xx

  • Eat em up ⛰🏃‍♂️

    Scotty T
  • In this crazy heat that’s impressive and very worthwhile charities

    Simon C
  • Good work and great charities.

  • Go go go Cheng Family !!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻!!!

  • Well done guys!!! SUPPORT!

    Candice Wu
  • Well done! 💪🏽

    Tequila Boom Boom
  • Go Daisy + boyssss!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Ling Pong
  • Well done guys ! Proud of you !

    Justin Natalie Madison Maia
  • Go Chengs!!! We are cheering you guys on!

  • SUPER effort, hockey peeps!

  • Great Work Doug!

  • Congrats on 2 Everests

    Tiffany Sun
  • Add oil Valley!

    Andy Tam
  • Go Valley!! What a worthy cause!! Well done to all the participants!!

    Dom & Lieny
  • Good luck Amanda!!

    Dan Larner
  • Great Work Valley!

    James Quinn
  • Good job Flemo you old dog

    Simon & Ris
  • Good luck boys

    Harry Dryden
  • Awesome effort Chris Deplancke... top unicorn in my reckoning!!🦄

  • Good Luck!

    Sean Alexander
  • Whoop whoop Chris!! The Algebros n I will be cheering you on!!

    Jenny S
  • Good luck all!

    Andrew Crosby
  • Cmon Vinnie

  • Goooooo Fidz 👊🏽💪🏽👊🏽

    Emma Sharrock
  • Let’s go Valley 💪🏻❤️🖤

    Rebecca Thompson
  • Good luck Anita!

  • Go Valley!

    Ann Leung
  • Good luck Flemmo!

    Bo Lee
  • Can’t wait to smash this and take on the challenge. 2 fabulous causes!!! Go Valley!

    Rebekah Joni Harri and Rhodri James!
  • climb vinnie, climb!

  • This is to make sure Rebecca Thompson shows up 😂

    Alex S
  • Amazing effort, Proud of you Daisy, Alex & boys!!!!! 👍👍👏👏👏

    Anne Wang Liu
  • Good luck to the lads of Damage, and the rest of Valley. Big respect!

    Miles Dickinson
  • Go Chui-Chengs!

  • Go go go Daisy, Alex, Cohen, Jeremy, Jacob !!! Stay hydrated too !!!

    Karen Li
  • Climb that mountain Valley!!

  • Amazing effort Valley RFC and Valley Fort!

    Susan Wheeler
  • 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Go Valley

  • Great causes. Ready to climb!

    Tim Smart
  • Fire it up Valley!

    Trot Sing
  • Awesome effort guys!

    Jonathan Reoch
  • Looking forward to the big event well done Valley!

    James Michie
  • Go Old Boys! Glad we've finally got Freddie to do it!

    Olly Stratton
  • Good luck Doug

    Wayne Scully
  • Good luck Doug

    Wayne Scully
  • Thanks Tara and team for helping these charities!!

    Jo Morali
  • Let’s go Doug Mooney!

    Yoji Asamizu
  • Great cause Doug! Good luck mate! X

    Ryan Tigwell
  • A small donation for Douglas Mooneys respirator...

    James batten
  • This seems insane but good luck,

    Mark Warburton
  • Good luck Doug!

    M & D
  • Great causes Doug, good luck, have some muscle balm ready Sunday😃

    Robin & Gita Carlisle
  • Good luck Doug

    James Carlisle
  • Go Tracy Go

    Matt Iles
  • Go Arthur Monnet!!

    Daisy Lee
  • Proud of my bonkers wife for taking up this challenge for such worthy causes

    Keith Skipp
  • Go Valley Fort!

    Andrew Schroth
  • Murder those stairs Valley Fort!

    Ashlee Schroth
  • Mate you’re a better man than me, well done brother. Very proud of you as always, you enjoy those frosty cold ones after mate, you’ll have earned them. Love ya! Harri x

    Harri Harrison
  • Thanks Ashlee for getting out there and raising money!

    Sue Ballard
  • Enjoy the stroll everyone! And have fun! Great causes!

    Del Brown
  • Valley Vibes and Valley Strong! Well done all and special chicas power to Tessa and Shaz

  • great cause!

  • Good luck with the climb

    Winnie Rasmussen
  • Good luck JJ, rather you than me!!

    Matt Leddington-Hill / Nichola Vassallo
  • Greetings from Denmark🙏

  • Go bellos!

    Pete F
  • Good luck Lauren!

    S N Tagore
  • Arthur from Hong Kong, running on the field in his position as half time oranges specialist

  • Well done A Monnet!!!

  • Travel well!

    Matthew Deayton
  • What a great cause and event! Well done Team Valley RFC!

    Anita Vogel
  • My daughter Jiayan(Charlotte) Wang in Hockey U8 club made the donate.

    Wang Chong
  • Good luck Arthur

  • Go, Go, Go, Nicole, you superwoman you! :-) Great cause!

    Elaine Chow
  • Great effort, Valley!!

    Simon Clarke
  • Good luck Nicole and everyone

    K Lam
  • Go Nicole!

    Tricia Yu
  • Best of luck Nicole!

    Julia Wilhite
  • Good luck Nicole!!!

    Jo-Anne Wielowieyska
  • Go Arthur & team ! Legends

    Tassos Pefanis
  • Let’s go Mavs

    Arthur Monnet
  • Valleeee, valleee, valleeeee! (verse 2, line 3) Great work fellas - great charities to support.

    Xen Gladstone
  • Good luck lads & ladies ....

    Paul Kidman
  • Valley till I die

    Olly Love
  • Good luck Ryan!

    Michelle, Andy & Mia
  • All the best to all the Valley runners! Stay hydrated!

    Kim Boreham
  • Good luck Doug and Valley RFC on the challenge, great cause!

  • Uphill then!! You won't be doing that from August lol. Good luck for a good cause...Roland & Susie x

    R T Brown
  • Praying for your legs Laurel 👍

  • Great Valley energy for great causes

    Simon Baxter
  • Go Flemmo!

    Patrick Johnson
  • We’re so proud of JJ (Doug) and everyone else involved. Well done and good luck! Much love. Tim, Jenny, Jaxon, Dahlia & Beatrix x x x

    The Boyce Family
  • Very worthy causes, good luck!!

  • Good luck!

  • Go Valley, go go! Good luck!

    Grant Beuzeval