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HK$200.00 raised
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Message from Arts With The Disabled Association Hong Kong 香港展能藝術會


  • 捐款 HK$200 來支持展能藝術普及教育工作
  • 捐款 HK$300 來支持無障礙藝術通達服務
  • 捐款 HK$500 來支持展能藝術導師培訓與共融藝術工作坊
  • 捐款 HK$1,000 來支持展能藝術家的專業發展

 With the vision of “Arts are for Everyone,” Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK) believes that everyone has the potential and talent for creativity and a right to enjoy to the fullest beauty and vitality of arts. We are dedicated to providing holistic services to support the development of arts among people with disabilities. We promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities to have access to and excel in arts and advocate an inclusive society through arts. We are not under government subvention. Our work relies on generous donations from individuals, corporations and foundations alike. With support like yours, people with disabilities can continue to explore the world through arts and develop their artistic talent that enables them to shine a lot brighter than they have imagined.

  • Donate HK$200 to support broad-based inclusive arts education
  • Donate HK$300 to support the arts accessibility services
  • Donate HK$500 to support trainers’ training and inclusive arts workshops
  • Donate HK$1,000 to support the professional development of artists with disability

charities supported

  • The Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong promotes equal opportunities for people with disabilities to have access to and excel in the arts; and advocates an inclusive society through the arts.

donor comments

  • Hope artists with disabilities enjoy all creative works.