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Message from Jasmine Shek, Alison Tam, Natalie Smith

Kitsch is a program that allows children of all ages and from all backgrounds to create under the guidance of art students. Our aim is to promote freedom of expression, creativity, self-confidence, individuality, and self-expression through art sessions we host. We hope to reach out to underprivileged children in HK through the medium of art and help them find a mental escape from stress, be it in school or daily life, or to let them simply have fun. Additionally, we hope to encourage and boost their confidence in speaking English. We also wish to use this opportunity to let them discover and nurture their artistic side. Please support us and feel free to follow along on our journey through our Instagram page, @kitsch_k4k. Thank you. 

charities supported

  • Kids4Kids works with primary and secondary schools and students in Hong Kong, offering programs and service opportunities that inspires creativity and build capacity for young people to become problem solvers in the real world.