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Message from Daisy Wang

Translate! is a student lead organisation that aims to connect charities with volunteer translators. Chinese and English are both official languages of Hong Kong and is an internationally recognised bilingual city. However, according to the 2019 census conducted by the Hong Kong Government, 32.2% of surveyed citizens identified their competence in written English as "not so good" or "no knowledge", and a 5.6% in written Chinese. Although these are radically different numbers, this is a clear issue that must be tackled from both spectrums and perspectives, with translation being a crucial process that can bridge these differences. As multilingual students, we've come across many instances of miscommunication or lack of bilingualism in various sectors in the city, especially when it comes between the two official languages of Hong Kong - English and Chinese. Our aim is to build an online platform that bridges the two languages together, creating a forum to connect those in need of translations and translators.

As a student led organisation, we do not have a lot of resources, and that's why we're asking for your help. We need your help so that we can hire professional web developers to better our website, and help charities get the translations they need. 

charities supported

  • Kids4Kids works with primary and secondary schools and students in Hong Kong, offering programs and service opportunities that inspires creativity and build capacity for young people to become problem solvers in the real world.