Hong Kong Hectic Hikes

HK$63,848.00 raised
HK$200,000.00 goal
2 months remaining

Message from Jack Boardman

Hi, I’m Jack and over the coming months I am attempting to hike all areas across Hong Kong and as many outlying islands as possible. What started as a way to relax and enjoy the great outdoors during this time of social distancing, has now become a mission where I want this exercise to be an opportunity to give back to the community in which I now live and work. 
My goal is each time I head out on these fortnightly adventures that I achieve 50km (over and above a full marathon). There will be at least 20 different hikes so that’s 1000’s of kilometers covered. Some are on paved roads or hilly trails but I’m prepared to jump, climb and swim where necessary! Should bad weather, injury or other factors impede the goal, I will try to at least complete a half marathon on the day and catch up on the remaining km’s at a later date. 
I have already completed all of Hong Kong island, TST to Shatin and back as well as a 50km stroll in East Kowloon and some others. So, join me on the rest of my journey and where possible if you could donate to this cause, it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your support. 
September 2020 

charities supported

  • Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong is dedicated to raising awareness of the need for decent housing and harnessing resources to improve living conditions including water, lighting and sanitation for families across the Asia-Pacific region, including China.
  • By bringing together professional services and social support within a uniquely designed architecture, Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre provides practical, emotional and psychosocial support such as consultation with oncology nurses, social workers, clinical psychologists, cancer support groups, talks and workshops, relaxation practice and stress management etc. to empower people affected by cancer to live with, through and beyond the illness.
  • The Society for the Relief of Disabled Children's mission is to support medical, surgical, rehabilitation and educational services of differently-abled children in Hong Kong. We believe that every differently-abled child has the right to live a happy and fulfilling life. We strive to create a world where they realize their full potential and contribute to the society. 

donor comments

  • Awesome stuff mate - great cause!

    Nick Hinton
  • You’re doing awesome job mate! Keep going!

    Joost Huisman
  • Top work mate! Doing a great job for worthy causes and inspiring us all.

    Will Bright
  • Keep up the good work Jack!

    Kim Priggen
  • Great cause jack, keep it up and good luck!

    Stephane Mad
  • Amazing effort dude, loving the content too!

    Chris Railston-Brown
  • Unbelievable effort, Jack. Keep going sunshine!!

  • Well done to my brilliant nephew keep walking. X

    Naomi Wells
  • Over half way pal - good luck with the rest!

  • Way to go Jack!

    Nelson Wong
  • Loving the videos! Missing you. Come home soon, it’s your turn to fall in the pond

    Pam Marsh
  • Keep going...

  • Hugely impressed with your hikes! Always look forward to a Sunday Hectic Hike viewing! Well done, Jack!

    Izzy and Tom
  • Please stop eating those eggs. X

    Howard Kelly
  • Well done Jack! Keep up the hard work and adventures, you absolute legend. X

  • Keep it up old boy

    Ali Shutt
  • Well done mate!

    Joe Gomm
  • All so proud of you back home mate. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    Aaron, Kelly, Max
  • Keep going Jack. We’re behind you every step of the way! 😊

    Nicole Chan
  • Keep up the amazing effort!! Xxx

    Anna and Sam
  • Good luck mate keep up the good work xx

    Stiner Eloise and arabella
  • Well done Jack! Keep up the good work!

    Gina Wade
  • Proud to call you our dear friend and honoured to know you. Good luck bro Love ya mate x

    Jamie, Alisha and Archie Jones
  • Go on my son! Keep up the great work you great man. X

    Sam, Louise and Ella
  • Good luck Jack a great thing to do lots of love Lisa xx

    Lisa Conley
  • Keep up the great work Jack!

    Chris Howard
  • Love watching your adventures mate, keep it up!!

  • Keep goin’, boy!

    George HKS
  • Great effort Jack! Round of 18 when you finish to celebrate?

    Si Lowth
  • Keep those twiglets marching!! Very proud of you, lots of love Stu and Laura

    Laura and Stu
  • Good luck Jack! Such an amazing thing to do!

    Louise Hatton
  • Wow! Cracking work Jack! Keep it up mate and I’ll keep watching from afar! X

    Mitt Genson
  • Well done mush! Keep it up xx

    Alex Philpott
  • Well done mate! Unbelievable effort (especially the ones post frangos sessions)

  • Go on son!

  • Good luck mate!!

    Lee Hatton
  • Well done mate, enjoyed following your FB story. Keep up the good work

    Ross Bevan
  • Loving watching the adventures Mr Boardman. Keep it up! X

  • Keep up the amazing work buddy such an amazing thing you are doing. Love your videos! Merry Xmas mate xx

    Nick Tewkesbury
  • Loving the insta stories game

    Anya Libova
  • Go on Jack LAD! 💪🏽 Excellent entertainment. Have an awesome Christmas 🎄

  • Top work, Jack! I’ve had that tinned fish but never cold! Keep up the strong effort!

  • Well done Jack another amazing hike. I think I actually gagged when you ate a fish from a can!! 🤢 hope you have a great Christmas.

    Laura G
  • Well done Jack another amazing hike. I think I actually gagged when you ate a fish from a can!! 🤢 hope you have a great Christmas.

    Laura G
  • Can't believe you ate the rotten egg! Well done on all the miles Jack!

  • Great work Jack, keep Documenting :) Lauren x

    Lauren Hope
  • Well done Jack - keep up the good work/hikes!

    Angela Tewkesbury
  • Love you Jack, keep it up

  • Great cause Jack! Xxx

    Charlie and Stevie
  • Keep it up bro! (I mean the walking!)

  • Way to go and keep going Jack!

  • A noble cause for clocking in some hikes, Jack! Add oil!

    Vianne Fung
  • Amazing work, good luck!!

  • Captain Jack Traveller Extroadinaire! You are brilliant, keep documented your hilarious miles! Xxx

  • Amazing work GKUJ, we’re very proud of you xxx

    The Luckhurst’s
  • Good luck., intrepid sea captain

    Andy & Char
  • Good luck and well done Jack!

    Nikki Morris
  • Good Luck Jack from Helen as Ken

    Mrs H Boardman
  • Hope you’ve got a good pair of trainers xxx

    Ann Johnson
  • Yes Jack! Well done 😊

  • A bloody great man doing a bloody great thing!!!!

  • Looking forward to more fb stories involving vacuum packed boiled eggs 😉

    Jude & Chris
  • Well done Jack Absolutely amazing feat (Feet🤥) Stay safe Lots of love Mum & Dad xx

    Mum & Dad
  • Good luck mate!!!

  • My little Jack With you all the way on every trip.

  • Well done from Douglas.

  • Fantastic Jack !

  • Well done mate, superb effort

  • Well done Jack, such an achievement to do one of these let alone 20! Keep going and hope the feet don’t hurt too much this morning xx

    Polly & Rich
  • amazing work 💪🏽

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  • Will join you one some of these if you need a rear guard! Will add/sponsor and additional $30 per hike you get a Peak photo with a Newcastle Utd shirt on Instagram on

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  • Don’t take Ciaran with you

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  • #walkjackwalk

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  • good luck jack

  • Onya Jack - what a great idea to make your personal ambition into one that gives back to the community! Add oil!